Monday, November 17, 2008


random things cos that's how i'm rolling today.

***remember that yummy lasagna i made last weekend? the one the kids didn't eat? (yeah, they didn't eat the homemade chicken noodle soup the hubs made yesterday either) well, i cleaned out the fridge yesterday and tossed the lasagna (i know i know, i probably could have frozen it huh?). so the garbage can is sitting in the middle of the kitchen. i walked out of the kitchen for like half a second. came back and the lasagna was not in the trash but leah (the big black lab) was shaking her tail quite happily. omg! and about a hour later? she horked it all up right in front of the back door. seriously, that pile was the size of a pizza. i almost horked myself cleaning it up. (jeez, i hope nobody is eating while reading this).

***i seriously just might do the majority of my holiday shopping online.

***twice i have responded to old navy's ads and gone to the store only to be incredibly disappointed because they do not have what they said they did or at least they don't have it in the kids' size. however, they do have them online.

***i say this every year but every year it bears repeating (cos it's a pet peeve and pisses me the hell off!)penguins have absolutely NOTHING to do with christmas. they don't live at the north pole. they don't reside near polar bears. they aren't christmasy in any way, shape or form. i heart penguins and hate seeing them belitted in stupid christmas hats and carrying candy canes and frolicking with polar bears. it's just wrong. ahem, ok, go back to what you were doing.

***i heard on the radio this morning that wv has something else to be proud of. (not). i'm wv born and semi-bred (go ahead, make the jokes, i've heard them all) and i know the bad hillbilly rap the state gets. i get it. i really do. today the cdc announced the healthiest cities. some place in vermont (the place the hubs always says we're going) is the healthiest and huntington, wv (home to my alma mater, marshall university) is the unhealthiest city in the u.s. whoot whoot. (this is me, hanging my head).

***holy shit--they just broke a news story that we MIGHT get snow FLURRIES here tomorrow. crap. that means 1)school will be closed and 2) there will be no bread or milk in the stores after 5pm today. i kid you not. i've lived in north carolina longer than i've ever lived anywhere else (and still don't consider myself a north carolinian) but damn these people freak the hell out over some white stuff.


Kristin.... said...

I do a good part of my christmas shopping online. It's a sanity saver. Amazon is my bestest friend. :)
I think we're due for some snow this week too. It's cold enough that it should be coming!

Astarte said...

I did almost all of our Xmas shopping online last year, and it worked out nicely for us. The UPS guy came to the house almost ever day for about two weeks!!! It was so fun!

I used to live in Burlington, VT, when I was in college, and from there moved to the DC area. I am still not used to how wussy these people are about snow. It's effing ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I saw the WV article in the paper and the dental side of me noticed that 50% of people in Huntington over 65 had lost all their natural teeth!
To make it better though they did say that over 40,000 people had moved from area since the 60's and that most remaining lived below the poverty level.

Heinous said...

online shopping rules...I'm just sayin'

what is it with people with the milk and bread? Do they think they're going to be snowed in for a week? Why just the milk and bread? I want something more substantial personally.

broad minded said...

old navy on line rules.

creative kerfuffle said...

kristin--i haven't bought anything yet, but omg my amazon cart has like $400 worth of stuff in it! i need to rethink that!
astarte--i would love to visit VT. the hubs would never live further north than nc i think--he HATES snow.
SIL--i think about 20,000 of those 40,000 moved to NC : )
heinous--i don't get the milk and bread thing either. why not pot roast or pizza or chicken wings.
broad--well, i ordered some stuff for the girl (mostly SMOD for school) so we'll see how the delivery and fit go. if it works, i'm doing that from now on cos it's a pain to find SMOD actually in stores.
oooo---my word verify is loadify--like i'm going to loadify my shopping carts and buy some shit.

broad minded said...

you can return to the store which is nice, without having to ship the stuff back. good luck.

let me know next time, i often have a coupon . . .

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

I'm ALL about online shopping. Especially to sites where you can return things that don't fit to the store versus having to mail things back.

Thank goodness I'm not the only one who despises penguins at the holidays. My neighbor has a full-blown penguin display (several light up penguins, igloo and water/ice pond thing). She didn't get why I didn't get her "holiday" decor. BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH CHRISTMAS!

And my hometown in Houston, which has been the fattest city in the US for decades now it seems. Oh well. The food there is great!

creative kerfuffle said...

welcome aunt bea--though seriously, you look NOTHING like an aunt bea : ) i've bought stuff online before but i think this year i will be the online power shopper. and...thank GOD i'm not the only one w/ the penguin issue.