Thursday, November 13, 2008

i've been ditched

i've been blogging for about three years now (damn, that's a long time!) and it has been an evolution. my purpose has always been that ck is more of a journal for me personally and other people just happen to read it. i don't cover one subject. i use cuss words and talk trash from time to time. i basically unload my brain here. my goal is not to build up a huge following (cos seriously that would freak me out) or to get so much traffic that i could start making money w/ ads. if that were my plan i'd certainly be more marketable and professional, rather than my normal spouting whatever the fuck pops into my head.

when i first started blogging i didn't really read other blogs. i'd sometimes hit the next blog button on blogger to explore and i did stumble upon some blogs that way and read them for awhile, but i had no idea what a blogroll was. last year or the year before i did nahblowme (i stole that term from another blogger) where you blog every day in november. back then i didn't blog as much so it was a challenge. i found a few blogs through that and started reading them.

this year i stumbled on even more blogs i like to read and actually started commenting on other sites and visiting people on a regular basis and making blog friends. some people would put me in there blogroll, which was very nice, though unexpected. however, i noticed that some sites have ditched me, which does not bother me but it does make me curious as to why.

did i bore them? did they stop reading me? it happens, i know i do that sometimes. read a blog for awhile then eh, not so often. or did i offend them? quite possibly. i think sometimes i might lull people into thinking i'm all shiney happy non-cussing non-tmi blog and then bam, blow them away with some sexual talk or too many fucks in one post. i don't know. either way, it's fine. actually, posting about this makes it more of an issue than it is, because it's not an issue, i just find it interesting.

do you have blogs that you read for awhile and maybe even interact w/ and then just walk away?

i think blog communities or blog relationships are actually quite fascinating because it's basically uncharted territory. we know the proper etiquette in society, you meet someone, introduce yourself, shake hands, hello, etc. if you become friends with that person you, over time, learn more about each other (whereas in blogs it's much more immediate and often time much more detailed and intimate. people will write things they may not say in person, at least not right off the bat).


Heinous said...

I started the same way. Just posting random stuff (okay, so that hasn't changed at all) for myself. It's grown a smidgen for me. I have people come by and leave. A lot of them stay and I'm grateful for that. I think sometimes they pop by on the basis of one post and then drift off as other stuff comes up that they may not be interested in.

The nice thing is that, in the end, you're left with the people who like your voice and are interested in you.

Kristin.... said...

I don't even remember how I found you. But it doesn't matter. I'm here to stay. :)

creative kerfuffle said...

heinous--"grown a smidgen"??? dude, you get like fifty eleventy comments per post! but you're right, you're eventually left w/ the interested ones.
kay kay--i'm glad you're here to stay. been missing you lately! i can't remember how i found you either actually.

Sherendipity said...

I had to run back to my blog and make sure your site was still on my blogroll. If it wasn't there, there'd be some asses to kick.
I've noticed that I've lost a lot of readers. Oddly enough, they are readers that I've lost interest in myself. I often wonder which one of us left first. It bothers me, I won't lie and say it doesn't. Let's face it, deep down inside, we want everyone to love us.
This here blog thang that I've got goin' on is far more precious to me than it should be. Then again, if it wasn't, I likely wouldn't bother with it.

Astarte said...

You know, I think there's less traffic on a lot of blogs than there used to be. I've been noticing that I'm one of three or four commenters on a few places that used to have upwards of ten, and my blog has been a little quieter as well. Well, if we're being blacklisted, as least we're in it together.

creative kerfuffle said...

shere--it does bother me, but not as much as if people i (stalk) read daily were to drop me off. and you're right, the ones i fell away from are also ones i don't read as often.
astarte--thank god for being in it together : )