Thursday, November 13, 2008

random thursday

*** i walked by the kids' bathroom this evening and almost hurled. the boy was in there, door wide open. i stuck my hand in the door and flicked the fan on then pulled the door closed a little. he has no modesty. he says, i'm sorry for the smell. i kept walking cos dude, i couldn't hold my breath any longer. (also, he was singing 'she will be loved' by maroon 5 while sitting on the toilet) afterwards he comes out and says: "i'm sorry that stunk so bad but i've been holding that in all day. i don't go number two at school. do you know what their toilet paper is made out of? it's like our napkins in the cafeteria and it gets stuck in my butt. ahhhh--i've spoiled him with cottonelle w/ aloe.

*** the hubs is FINALLY car shopping. he drives quite a bit for work and the 2000 taurus with about 60 eleventy thousand miles on it has been breathing a death rattle since this summer. he had some work done on it recently but it seems daily another warning light comes on or it starts making louder noises. it's bad enough the heater doesn't work.

*** i just wrote a whole paragraph about being on the rag and deleted it. suffice it to say today i forgot double protection and it wasn't pretty.

*** the girl is voraciously reading the twilight books. she's pages away from finishing the first one and dying to get the next one, despite the fact she doesn't have enough allowance saved up. most likely i'll buy it for her, even though i plan on getting her the rest of these books for christmas. why? because no matter what my kids beg and plead for, when they beg and plead for books i can't say no. i LOVE that they love to read, especially the girl because she's just like me, she can get lost in them and love them and reread them like they're friends that have become a part of you.

*** today i learned something about my boy--rod stewart. he collects model trains and actually has a 1:28 scaled version of grand central station in one of his houses.

*** the boy is getting a new teacher for AG and it's upsetting me more so than him. i heart his AG teacher, partly because the girl had her and she's a graduate of marshall university just like me, but mostly because she's been so great w/ the boy this year. apparently there are too many 3rd grade AG students for her (she also has the 5th graders) so tomorrow he starts w/ a new teacher. this made me think of all the great teachers i had in school. i'll spare you the run down of each year, place i lived and teacher, but my first favorite teacher was in 6th grade.

*** the girl's cat is sitting on the back of my chair, reading over my shoulder no doubt, and totally chewing on my hair. wtf?

*** hub/ck convo: me: guess what i did today? hubs: gave someone a blow job?

*** hub/boy convo: hub: so, what do you think of life? boy: it's pretty good, i don't know what we'd do without it.

*** this summer when i got my new glasses i gave up my contacts for awhile. i'd been wearing contacts 90% of the time and glasses the other 10%. this is the first time since i was in college that i've worn glasses exclusively.


Heinous said...

The glasses look nice. That sounds like some tasty hair...cats are such weens sometimes.

Sherendipity said...

Hey there, pretty eyes!!

My son will not pewp at school. The kids at his previous school would stand on the toilets in the stalls and watch boys went they went pewp at school.

I got my period at work one day and had to pull my sweater down real far, and go to Walmart and buy an entirely new outfit.

That's all I've got.