Thursday, November 6, 2008

take that...beeotch!

i'm having a bit of a euphoric high right now because i have totally (in my crazy little brain) bitch slapped the powers that be today : )

although i have not yet spoken to the big boss about the fact that i was thrown under the bus yesterday (cos he's not in the office) i did email him and ask for some time to speak with him so i could remove the tire marks from my back from the bus that hit me. yes, that was, almost verbatim, my email. i'm tired of this shit.

then i slyly confronted ditto about it. i basically said i felt like i'd been thrown under the bus yesterday and just so you know (beeotch) my agenda is now about 95% completed, with confirmed speakers. so there! she of course tried to blame my boss for tossing me to the wolves, but i'm wise to her ways. i have no doubt that it basically boiled down to the fact that neither of them had the balls to tell the big boss what was really going on and just served me up on a silver platter instead.

whateve--she now knows that i know that she sacrificed me. i feel a tad bit vindicated, which is sad because it really doesn't make a hill of beans. if the conference is a success they will love me for 1/2 a day and move on. if it sucks it will be all my fault and they will not consider the fact that i put this together with no budget and in less than two months. fuckers.

interestingly enough, the hubs said if he won the lottery today he'd quit his job and open a little antiques consignment shop or booth. he'd do something he loved. i thought about that, what would i do? i honestly don't know at this point. i used to think i had a novel in me, but i think that probably isn't my writing avenue. my job has sullied any idealistic views i held in college about publishing and writing for money. there are always strings attached. so, i'm not sure what i would do, if i were able to have a job that was something i truly loved.

what would YOU do?


Heinous said...

Go you. At least ditto might get a little comeuppance out of this.

Sherendipity said...

That's my girl.

I've always wanted a small flower shop. Always wanted to deliver rose-o-grams on Valentine's day. I've wanted to see people's faces light up when they receive an unexpected surprise. Instead, I work at the Border where no one ever smiles unless there's a drug bust.

creative kerfuffle said...

thanks for all the support guys : )
oooo---flower shop, that would be totally cool.