Thursday, November 27, 2008

turkey day 2008

i'm thankful for the usual, my awesome kids and my best friend/husband. (he says i am thankful for my laptop because i get up every morning and check my blog.)

i am thankful that even though not everyone is perfectly healthy, we are not hopeless and we are not at the end of our rope.

i'm thankful that even though we are not necessarily looking forward to going over to have thanksgiving dinner at my parents' house, we are able to and they are still alive.

i am thankful for the fact that even though the hubs and i are in a totally hating our jobs mode, we do still have jobs, unlike so many others, and we are still able to buy christmas presents for our kids.

i am thankful for the wonderful friends i have. when i used to work w/ sweet t, famous and crusty we often made up back stories on each other using images to create books from stock photo albums. i sort of revisited that this week by posting over at sherendipity while she's having a tough week in OK.

(the hubs is thankful for my parents because he says, dripping with sarcasm, if they hadn't done such a bang up job raising their three kids he wouldn't have had such an interesting time with us.)

i too am thankful for humor, though heinous did a really great post on this already.

i am thankful for the sweet little kitty jasper that the kids and hubs rescued. he scampers throughout the house, finding the oddest things to entertain himself. a crumpled post it note, a piece of yarn, feet. (my feet look like they barely escaped the texas chainsaw massacre btw; they are scratched all to hell.)

the hubs is thankful that his dad was in the army so the hubs was born in japan because (and i quote) after 43 years my penis is still going strong but the car i had that was made in detroit died so i had to buy a foreign car.

(i am thankful that the hubs gives me such whitty comments when i ask him a question. oddly enough, i really do love this about him.)

the boy: my family, friends, and pets, and food (and then he names all the pets) and peace on earth.

the girl: meow (her cat), food, you guys (yeah, she's so deep)

happy thanksgiving!


Heinous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Thanks for the nod and nice post at dipity's too :)

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sherendipity said...

I am thankful for you. I have hugemungus bloggy love for you.