Friday, November 7, 2008

ring ring?

ok, that's a totally lame title but omfg the girl has blown the evening to hell.

since she knows there isn't a santa claus she is wont to tell me (just about every other day lately) what it is she'd like for christmas. so far it's been polar bear anything, arts and crafts stuff, yarn and today? she wants some new fangled (yes, that sounds like a crotchety old man) phone. one with a slide out keyboard.

those of you who've read for a while may remember the hell we went through this spring when she (beat us down like whipped puppies)talked us in to getting her a cell phone. she was in 5th grade then and though i was opposed to it i caved because she was going on her first over night school field trip and i couldn't go. she needed it. it's a prepaid package deal and the agreement was she would pay half ($15) when it came time to add minutes. the first time it was time to pay up she decided she wasn't going to use it and so it was dormant for a few months (basically all summer). then, when school started this year we added minutes and she carries it w/ her. it's a camera phone. the exact same cell i have. the only time she even uses it is for about 20 mins on the bus when she's most likely texting the girl sitting beside her.

however. EVERYBODY (the same EVERYBODY that had an mp3 player and a Wii, which we now have and she never uses either of) now has these phones w/ slide out keyboards and she NEEDS one.

i told her, nicely at first, that no, she wasn't getting one for christmas. she pouted. she antagonized the boy all the way home. she fussed and asked about it 2-3 more times on the way home. she got home, threw herself on the couch and waited for the hubs to ask what's wrong. then she really fucked up. she said, 'ask your wife.' that did her in.

the hubs does not go for ANY disrespecting. she proceeded to tell him why she needed it and went on and on. then he launched into why she wasn't getting one, how we've been through this same thing a million times over different things, etc. etc. the dogs got scared. the hubs wasn't yelling but his voice was raised and he was being stern. the black lab ran into the living room and peeked around the corner then came and jumped up on the couch beside me in the den. the australian shepherd was panting and trying to jump up in my lap.

the girl just does not get it at all. it drives me absolutely crazy. she feels she's entitled to everything. she is satisfied for half a second when she does get something and she's never appreciative. i just don't get it.

now the hubs is in her room talking it out with her. i can hear here doing her poor me i'm so deprived crying. soon she will say i'm sory and i understand, etc.


Heinous said...

That's what they do. Test their boundaries. I say get her a polar bear. A real one. She'll be more careful what she asks for in tht future.

Sherendipity said...

I have one of those. Except he has a penis, and he's now in high school.

creative kerfuffle said...

heinous--last night i felt like feeding her to a polar bear! ok, not really. but damn!
sher--oy vey. i also have the boy--so please do NOT tell me he's likely to be this way in a couple of years too?
i think we finally got it through her head she's not getting a new phone. today she was looking through a toy catalog and wants babydoll stuff! WTF?? 11 is a trying age, for her and us.

Astarte said...

Hey, um, wanna sell that Wii she's not using? :)

Urgh, I'm not looking forward to the NEEEEEEEEDing thing. So far it hasn't happened, and Josie is very cost-conscious, but I assume it's coming. Oh, the Drama. I'm glad you don't give in.

Kristin.... said...

So basically you are telling me I'm totally SCREWED since Meg is already all about the entitlement of things and she's 7? CRAP.

I'm back! It was AWESOME!

broad minded said...

i would start drinking now, b/c the step daughter is still all about the latest and greatest and she treats her stuff like shit so it is always falling apart. thank god that technically she is responsible for herself since she is almost freakin' 24. although i did talk to her today and she said she wanted a skateboard for christmas. WTF???? her dad told me not until she has health insurance. teehee.