Sunday, November 30, 2008

turkey success

the hubs rescued our thoughts about what thanksgiving should have been yesterday.

despite the fact that the boy was up, in my face at 4 a.m. saying, mom i think i'm going to throw up......blech all over my bedroom floor....he felt better later on and we went ahead with our mini-after-thanksgiving dinner w/ my bro and sil's family.

and for the record, i must have the cutest 7 month old niece on the planet, really, she's simply precious. the girl and i are like moths to a flame when she's around. before they even walk through the door the girl is washing her hands and saying i have dibs on puddin. the plus side is she changes every diaper when she's around : )

and gameboy--sometimes i think he likes me, sometimes not. he cracks me up w/ some of the things he says though.

for dinner we had the infrared fried turkey (moist); cornbread stuffing (i made it from my MIL's recipe); green beans, cranberry sauce, yeast rolls, pasta salad and deviled eggs. it was much better than the real thanksgiving.

the boy ended up getting sick again, which ended the evening. though the hubs said it's from eating at my mom's, i think we've caught a stomach bug here and the boy is the only one (so far and i hope it stays that way) blowing chunks.

today the plan is to get all of the christmas stuff out of the attic and start decorating.

(my wish for the year is that my kids would learn patience. when they want something---like for me to make donuts---they want it RIGHT THIS FUCKING MINUTE and do not stop asking me about it until i do it)

it's time to make the donuts (she says, shuffling through the kitchen in her slippers and pajamas)

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Sherendipity said...

You wouldn't want to share that cornbread stuffing recipe, would you?
Cause, I'd totally letcha.