Wednesday, November 5, 2008

a tiny work rant and about face

first the rant---have you ever been toiling over a project at work and the person you are working with on the project throws you under the bus with the big boss? yes? well, that happened to me today and i'm so fucking pissed i could just scream.

the person happens to be ditto (you know, the one that copies everything lolli does?). well, ditto is my "partner" at work and she reports directly to our big boss but i have a manager between me and the big boss. the big boss literally does not have much to do w/ my particular part of the office except once a year when we put on a conference. remember the conference i've mentioned before? the one where i have to engage speakers who don't want to get paid? yeah. so, ditto knows that i have been working on this since september, have one confirmed speaker and am waiting on confirmation from several others. however, she told the big boss she didn't know what was going on with the conference and she couldn't do her part until she got a firm agenda from me. yeah. nice way to toss your partner to the wolves you psycho bitch. i learned of this from my boss when he called me into the office to find out what was going on. i told him what i had lined up, what i was waiting on confirmation from etc. and he said for me just to go in tomorrow and tell that to the big boss. oy vey. i am so hating my job right now i could really just scream.

now--on to the face stuff.
so, it seems that while i'm bouncing around happy as can be in the blogosphere, several of my friends have jumped on the facelibre (is that correct? libre=book?) bandwagon. and now they are trying to get me to do it. first, i'm quite happy being here at CK, pretty much anonymous except to a few, where i can spout off whatever the hell i want without anybody and their brother being able to look me up. there's a certain freedom that comes from being anonymous and to a degree i feel i've come to know several of my blog friends quite well because we don't have the labels of names or jobs or ethnicity, etc. second, i spend way too much time writing and reading blogs and i fear facelibre would be just one more thing i'd obsess over. and third, though day to day i don't think of age when i think of my friends, i am one of the oldest of all my friends (at the tender age of 40). i have a couple of good friends who are older than me, but otherwise they're (mostly) in their 30s. i'd feel like a dinosaur on facelibre.

am i truly the only person left on the planet that doesn't facelibre?

oh, and one more thing. the hubs is doing fine even though his person did not win the election. he knew yesterday that his guy was going to lose, but he did hold out a bit of hope. he is not spouting hate and ill will today. he is resigned to the situation and hoping that in four years there will be something better.


Kristin.... said...

You know I am on facelibre. I like it. You can be anonymous-go on as CK. You don't have to post pics if you don't want to.

I would smack ditto around and tell her to get her head out of her ass and do her own job and stop throwing you under the bus.

sorry, i have a sick child, don't fell well myself and am leaving for NY tomorrow. le sigh

Heinous said...

I'm on there and it's not too bad. I usually forget to check it. I've found a few old friends on there.

I'd call ditto out. That's just me though.

broad minded said...

my sister in law is on face libre and has been for some time. she is in her 50s.

creative kerfuffle said...

kaykay--oh now! don't get sick before your big weekend trip! that blows!
heinous--i went against my passive agressive, nonconfrontational nature and called her out in my own little way.
broad--so far, i'm not convinced to do it. it's not just about the age thing.

Sherendipity said...

I have facebook. It has cobwebs on it. I never check it unless I get an email telling me to, which doesn't happen very often.
I'm with you on the blog front...I have one, I love it, and it's really all I need. I like my little corner of the internet world, and if people want to visit, they know they can find me there.

Also, I'm with Hiney...I'd call that bitch out.