Wednesday, January 5, 2011


my friend sweet t shared this comment about the new year...someone she'd talked to said it didn't really feel like a new year just leftovers. i have to say, so far i concur. i have been out of the online loop, partly because of the holidays and partly because new years brought me a nice cold. i'm not back to 100% yet but at least i'm not coughing my head off and i'm out of bed/off the couch. now i am sneezing like a big nostrilled mofo working in a pepper factory. my sides are killing hurts to cough and sneeze for three days straight. i think this is what my sides would feel like if i did situps on a regular basis.

we celebrated new year's like we always do....w/ the kids. we played some board games, ate a bunch of crap, watched poor dick clark count the ball down, (saw one of my fave groups, train, perform one of my fave songs, drops of jupiter) toasted each other w/ some sparkling grape juice in wine glasses (my kids think that's a hoot) and then set off a few firecrackers. the night before my bro, sil and the kids came over for an early new years celebration. they brought their new just dance wii game...omg....lots of fun but lord i was sore the next day.

though i remain enamored of my long-time fave johnny depp (because i'm nothing if not loyal), i have to say a new character has crept onto the scene. i fell prey to the sookie stackhouse books...they were like crack. we've watched some of the tv series true blood, which gave me this face to tie to the character in the books who's become my favorite, eric. sweet jeebus. i have read all 10 books and just discovered she has one coming out this year too. hawt doesn't even begin to describe this character, and i say character because although i can appreciate his physical being, the character in the book is simply much so that even when he calls sookie lover it sounds hot not redunkulous.

more book talk---aside from the last three sookie books, i also got a new stephen king book for christmas, which is waiting patiently to be read. and i picked up wicked at the used book store. i am always late to what's going on in the world. of course i have heard people rave about seeing wicked, the play, but i had no idea what it was about. so when i saw the book and read the synopsis...the wicked witch's side of the wizard of oz story...i was hooked. i'll start reading that soon too.

have you seen that reality show extreme couponing? we caught an episode last night and i sat mesmerized. it's misleading really. i thought it would be more practical and make sense. i'm all about saving money and i use coupons....but those people are insane. they stock pile shit. like rooms and garages full of groceries. one couple has separate home owners insurance on their stash! how is that saving money? another couple moved 1000 lbs of their stash from one state to another. how is that saving money? i understand the idea of saving money and the thrill of getting something for free or greatly on sale....but i really don't think i need a lifetime supply of toilet paper just because i can get it for free. one of the guys on there did at least make some sense to me....he bought an ass load of cereal...for next to nothing so he could donate it to the food bank at his church. ok, that i get. but...having enough food/supplies in your garage to last a lifetime and you still buy stuff? i think this show could easily be ranked up there w/ hoarders.

although the holidays seemed frenetic, they were also laid back in that we weren't on any schedule. no school, no soccer, no karate. this week we are back to the mix, back to the routine and we are 12 days away from the girl turning 14. i don't know why 14 seems like a much bigger deal than 13 did, but in my mind it is huge. it's kind of freaking me out a bit. i guess because i know that the next big thing is...high school. this year...this 7 girl will be a freshman in high school. it will take me all of those seven months to wrap my brain around that concept.

i'm contemplating taking the blog undercover. my kids are getting older, more savvy and more nosy and i'm pretty sure if the girl put her mind to it she could find my blog. though i only blog from my laptop, i don't do so in a dark secluded corner, so i'm sure she's seen the screen before. sometimes i think about giving it up altogether, but for some reason i always come back. another addiction i suppose. i think even if nobody read my blog i'd still blog. though it would be damn lonely for sure. i need to figure out how to capture/save all of my posts before moving along to something more secluded. i can't lose all these years of words.

the hubs made a good point recently. of course we have been worrying about money and my getting a job prospects and what this year will bring. we've talked about how statistically this has to be our year because really, the last three years have been hell and we're due a good one. his point was...regardless of what happens in the next few will be over. either i will have a job and we will be getting back on track and this unemployment will be over or i won't get a job...the savings will be gone....we won't be able to pay the bills and life as we know it will be over. however....LIFE won't be over. things would be drastically different....but we won't be dead. we will still be together. maybe not in this house. maybe not with these things. but, we will all still be together.


Fragrant Liar said...

It's crazy this economy, isn't it? I've got my fingers crossed for you, that you gt that job you've been looking for, and tings just get more settled for you all around. Don't give up the blog, girl, if it feeds your soul or your need to write and be heard.

Hotch Potchery said...

I am sorry you brought the new year in sick---seems not to bode well for 2k11.

I just can't get into any of the vampire stuff---I still haven't read Twilight!

Anonymous said...

The last two sentences of this blog brought tears to my eyes. it's the darned truth what husband says.... you two will be together and in the end that's the only thing that's important. sniff sniff... You are so fortunate... you truly are.

Anonymous said...

I have no words of advice for you, and they wouldn't magically produce a fantastic job for you if I had them.

Sorry things have sucked so bad, but it's good to see you bring up the positive things going on in the midst of massive suckage. I am glad you blog, and I read often, even if I don't comment. I like knowing what's going on with you guys.

Lunch again, soon! I have a small gift for you. :)

Sweet T

Anonymous said...

Well boo to 2011 for giving you a cold. How rude. Glad you're feeling a bit better though.

OMG Eric. He makes me swoon. And I've never even SEEN True Blood. But I love the books. When is #11 coming out? I'll have to request it from the library.

Money stresses me out more than anything in the world. I really hope that things all come together for you this year.

Please don't stop blogging. :) I'll still be here!

Unknown said...

Train? Really?
Not my band o choice. But hey, music is like each her own. : )

I love Eric. I've read the entire series. Twice. Id hit a book slump a while back, but some thoughtful gifts have landed some good ones in my hands. Bring on the new Sookie!

Have strength, something great, or at least something that pays, will come your way.

cheatymoon said...

I have yet to get through the second book in the Sookie series... I get too distracted. And I'm afraid to get sucked into another TV series, but I will check it out. My sister loves 'em.

Wicked was great. The other books in the series, eh.

Don't give up the blog. Maybe you should password protect, or go to WP so you can protect some posts...

I KNOW things will look up in 2011. Hang in there.

Surely said...

So many things to say...
Train was on Howard Stern and they were funny & clever & even sounded cute.

I'm tempted with the WII thing. Everyone says it is so much fun!

How could you make the blog more secret? It's already pretty anonymous already.

I am glad to be back on a schedule as well. I'm so much more productive when I am.

Hubs is right, whatever happens everything will be alright.

Gal Friday said...

I don't knoiw anything about this "Sookie" series(will have to investigate further--you make it sound like something I might like), but the blonde guy is HOT(kind of in an "Aaron Eckhart-meets-Denis Leary-but much younger" kind of way. Yum)

Had never heard of the "Couponing" show(but will not be investigating that one--yikes!). I hardly ever cut coupins--they always seem to be for foods that are more of a "product" and stuff I don't want to buy anyway.

Happy New Year, BTW(I know--rough start for you with the cold, and then still having to deal with the jobless situation). If you DO go underground(private), please let me know, okay?

The Mayor said...

Here's to an uplifting 2011 for us all.
I am also a big fan of the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris, read all of them. Eric is my favorite character.I've watched True Blood since it's premiere and have been frustrated by how far they stray from the books.