Tuesday, January 25, 2011

there's a bird sitting on the patio chair....

....as i type this. apparently said bird does not realize our weathermen are calling for rain, a wintry mix or snow....they aren't quite sure which just yet.

i have 69 pieces of mail in my spam email box. ironic since most of those emails are about penis enlargement, viagra, hooking up with singles in my area or something from the irs and fbi. either way, some one's getting screwed.

i had an interview this morning with the company i've interviewed with twice before for different jobs (they hired someone internally both times). i'm guessing eventually they'll just hire me and figure out what position to put me in. (this should not make you think of the 69 reference above, though at this point, i'm willing to do most anything for money.) in the last two weeks i've applied for three jobs with them. of course i get called in to interview for the job that least excites me. of course right now i would take any job...ok...most any job...but really can't see spending the rest of my life writing about cell phones. i'm just saying.

in my little metro area the publishing industry is small. if you've worked for one of two-three companies here you are bound to either know people at the other company or have common acquaintances. this never ceases to amaze me. it's quite incestuous.

last night when i was going through my closet trying to figure out what to wear for my interview i realized just how poorly stocked it is. i have an interview outfit that is older than my 11 yr old son. pathetic. and yes, i have worn in within the last year. my other fall back outfit is about 8-9 years old. i tried it on last night and almost laughed out loud at myself. not only is it way too big, but i could probably maim someone with the big-assed shoulder pads. i put it in a pile for goodwill.

i have never claimed to be a style maven, but even i now recognize that some things in my closet really must go. a silver shirt? a green shirt w/ metallic thread in it? really? what fucking planet have i been living on? yeah, going through my closet made me feel so....out dated.

the out-dated theme continued this morning during the interview. me? writing about cell phones. ah, the irony. i wouldn't know an app from a hole in the ground. mobile web? wtf? i muddled my way through. however when one of the guys described editing as quality control ....really, i almost laughed out loud.

i finished reading wicked. i wasn't thrilled with it. i liked the concept of the story---showing things from the wicked witch of the west's view point---but the story itself didn't impress me much. i'm having a difficult time understanding how a play based on that could get such rave reviews, but having never seen the play i just don't know.

i watched precious---the book was much better (though much, much more graphic), more compelling and powerful. i also watched seven pounds. i love will smill. really, he can do no wrong for me. the movie was ok.


cheatymoon said...

Thinking good thoughts for your interview.

I'm sure your style is as good as it needs to be. The only rule I have is that I have to feel good in it. If I only feel 'ok', I try to toss it or move on...

Hotch Potchery said...

I tend to find an outfit I like, then buy it in every color. Typically the tags say OLD NAVY.

Unknown said...

I always wondered to wear if I got a second call back interview. I only had one outfit! Time to go shopping?
I'm crossing my fingers for you.

Gal Friday said...

I admire your spirit--how you do NOT give up and keep up with applying and interviewing for jobs. You so deserve to get a chance to show your talents(even if it is writng about..cell phones!)at these places. Someone better hire you soon.

If I had to interview for a new job today, I know I would not have the right kind of clothes for it in my closet, either.
For work, I have fallen into a safe little trap of wearing the same kind of clothes--jeans(skinny or slight flare), t-shirt or long sleeved top with black cardigan over it, a necklace or scarf around neck--that is the boring uniform these days.