Wednesday, January 12, 2011

off the top of my head

the kids went back to school after christmas break last week. they have been home for three days (so far) this week because of snow. it is hard to get much of anything productive done when they are home. i mean, i still clean and do laundry, etc. but dedicated computer time is always interrupted. but, i have been trying to live in the moment and realize that these days are gifts because soon enough i'll be back to work (god i hope so) and the next thing i know they'll be off to college.

the girl and i scoped out the magnet school fair this weekend. it is so hard to make a decision. my gut is to send her to this early college school....when she completes that program she'll have an associate's degree and can go to an nc school for free for the next two years.

the girl is turning 14 on the 17th. she's having a sleep over this weekend. i still cannot believe she's going to be 14. it seems like a much bigger deal than 13, perhaps because she'll go to high school in the fall.

the boy has a friend over today. they are working on their science fair project---which paper makes the best paper airplane.

i am not quite sure what "mom" jeans are, but i think i wear them. being unemployed for almost 2 years has certainly changed my style. it is all about comfort. i don't think i've had any new clothes since i got laid off. i don't see the point really. i also need a hair cut. badly.

i made homemade popovers yesterday and for whatever reason i am incredibly impressed with myself over them. i don't know why because they're pretty easy to make. but, they looked cool and they were damn tasty.

my high school bff, texas, has booked her flight and they're coming here the first weekend in february. i am still stunned that she's coming, it's so far! i am trying not to panic. what will i feed them (i'm a horrible cook); what if the house isn't clean enough? what if she finds out she doesn't like me anymore? i mean it's one thing to renew your friendship via email, but what if in person she thinks i'm a douche?

when the kids and i were out running errands earlier today we ran into the girl's kindergarten assistant teacher. the woman couldn't believe how grown the girl looks. neither can i.

the hubs and i pooled our christmas money from my parents and got an elliptical. we haven't used it yet because i got a cold on new year's day and then gave it to him. he's still coughing and hacking with it.

i have to go now. i have to take pictures of little boys flying paper airplanes for a science project.


Anonymous said...

Glad you are blogging again. I have been looking for something to read! I know it's only been a week, but...

I found a recipe recently for popovers. I may have to try it.

Good luck with the girl's party. I'm sure it will be fun.

Sweet T

cheatymoon said...

It does go by way too fast. You are smart to recognize the small moments... like paper airplanes.

Good luck w/ girls h.s. choice.

Surely said...

I love the paper airplane idea!

Mom jeans...have you seen the SNL commercial? LOL.

Or pajama jeans?

You're baking a lot. I think I'll make brownies today.

Have you seen the crescent roll commercial where they make mini-calzones? I might have to try that.

I like the idea of the early college school. Can she do it with not totally stressing out?

Exciting about Texas coming!!!!!

Gal Friday said...

I got to be like that about dressing(or not dressing up) when I was a stay-at-home mom. It happens. Even now, with dressing for work, I get into a comfortable rut and know I could try harder. I guess as long as we smell okay, it is okay that we don't look all that "chic", right?

I want to know your secret for pop-overs. I have tried to make them a few times, but they never come out right(often, I can't get them out of the pan--they stick in the cups)