Sunday, January 30, 2011

games people play

i love playing board games. my kids are growing into playing board games. the top shelves in our hall closet are filled with board games. isn't this where everyone who has a hall closet keeps their games? i thought it was a house rule or something.

we have the stupid games....the fad games or whatever...not "real" games. like there is a wrestling board game up there....and i think a star trek game and a few others.

it takes awhile for kids to be old enough to play some games so, while candyland is gone (i think it got played to death) we still have sorry.

i've never learned to play chess, but we have that too. and dominoes, jenga, etc.

the kids like playing clue. clue is ok with me....i just don't really LOVE it. but, it goes pretty quickly so i play if the kids want to.

the games i enjoy the most are scrabble, scattergories, mancala, risk, trivial pursuit and i think i might enjoy the girl's game of madgab she got for her birthday, but we've only played it once. i also enjoy yatzee.

last night the boy wanted to play monopoly. ugh. seriously, ugh. at 11 the boy still doesn't have the patience to play this game....which is probably the longest game in the whole fucking world. i know monopoly is popular...but seriously you have to set aside a weekend to play this thing. i hate it. hate, hate hate it. initially it doesn't drive me insane...but once all of the properties are bought, sold, traded and improved's really just a slaughter of who lands on boardwalk and loses all their money. it is purely chance, there is no strategy, no skill really. i hate it. i think i might have to hide it in the closet.

what games do you play? what games do you like??


cheatymoon said...

Apples to Apples and Balderdash are our favorites. If you like words - these are the games for you. Seriously. If you visited me, I'd make you play. ;-)

Hotch Potchery said...

I love to play games! I like card games quite a bit, and Risk.

Unknown said...

Apples to Apples is great.

We like the dice game Farkle too.

Any card game makes me happy.

Ps...i can give you the rules for a sexy date night sexual favors monopoly. good times ; )

drollgirl said...

um, monopoly is pretty much a death sentence. just shoot me!

but i am ALL OVER SCRABBLE. i'd play you! any day! i love it! LOVE IT! i have it on my iphone and i play it whenever i can. NERD! lol

Anonymous said...

We love Qwirkle. It's so much fun. Not with kids though, because they're so whiny. :)

Surely said...

We have a strange little set of cupboards & counter in our hallway (I'll send you a pic when I get home) that holds our movies, CDs, and games. I can't remember the last time we took a game out & played it. I think it's time!

Next door we play two games that I love: Sequence & Shooters. Sequence is a card game with a game board and Shooters is Yahtzee-ish. They're a lot of fun and not necessarily based on skill, etc.

When Kev & I were dating ,I beat him in Monopoly TWICE. But he tried to teach me Chess & that was a FAIL.

tulpen said...

LOVE Scattergories, but am with my Sister above, that Apples To Apples is my current favorite. I do get frustrated with Balderdash though, I have to be the right kind of drunk to play that one.

And? I only play for laughs, never to win.

Gal Friday said...

Another Apples To Apples fan here!I also like Win, Lose, Or Draw wiyh a large pad of paper and an easel and big crowd of people.(remember that game show?)

Always hated card games, and grew to hate Monopoly after one week(in the 70's) when there was an ice storm that left us without power for the entire week and I and my siblings had nothing to do but play endless games of endless Monopoly(and argue and bicker during the games) in the only room with a fireplace. I don't beleive I have ever played since then.