Monday, September 20, 2010

this moment brought to you by acronyms

FML. seriously.

i recently came across this acronym when i was reading a particularly funny email to the hubs and the kids. fml. i had to google it.

i took the hubs to pick his car up earlier today. $956.32. fml.

this entire week it is supposed to be unusually hot here. 90+ degrees. fml.

i am tired of writing press releases. and rewriting press releases. fml.

the hubs just called and has to take the car WE JUST PICKED UP back because they air conditioner is not working. fml.


Grey Ghost said...

Air conditioning!JB has wind down windows in the doors and hinged windows in the rear.And like all Mini's,the heater ain't very good.
Just to keep you happy,there's another Grey Ghost blog.

Gal Friday said...
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Gal Friday said...

Well, now I know what "fml" is. I would not have known what it stood for, either.

Guess it is the new LOL.

Try to have a nice evening, in spite of all the fmls....