Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ah....that feels a little better

i needed a change of scenery around here. it is officially fall now, even though n.c. didn't get the memo and thinks it's still summer. hello, can we say above 90 degrees this week?

while i was playing around w/ the blog and trying to add some new pictures on the sidebar to keep you interested, i realized i need to take some new pics. the yard is brown and ugly (because of the above 90 degree weather) and all the summer flowers are dying off. so, no picture fodder there. i have tons of people pics but you know i don't like to share those here.

i am really, really, really, really (maybe if i say really enough times it will work) trying to avoid slipping into a pit of despair over this whole car thing because then i will start dwelling on the fact that i've been unemployed for so damn long and then i will start worrying about the fact that the savings/safety net will not last forever and whatwillwedowhenthatisgone...and on and on.

things will get better. right?? RIGHT??? ; )


Grey Ghost said...

Things get better,right.Life is full of ups and downs,but for every down there's an up.
My mother died/Margaret and I met/we split up/Joyce and I became a couple/she died in my arms.I'm just waiting for the next up.It will come,as will yours.

Gal Friday said...

I just love this new brown background/white letters! It's warm and homey and easy to read.

Scary stuff about the car issues and still no reliable paycheck for you. Things have to turn around soon for you and your family.

Thinking of you...