Friday, September 17, 2010

ouch, my brain hurts

i just finished the last of four phone interviews i've done this week for the article i'm working on. it is supposed to be about this company's coaches giving its financial advisers tips for setting goals for the coming year. (WAKE UP...i know, you fell asleep at the mere thought of it didn't you?) try talking to four different people about it. i have discovered that they might just be grand-standing. i could write this information in possibly two paragraphs and yet it has to be 1400 words long. usually writing more than i need to is not a problem (in fact i most always over write) but this is going to be a challenge. blech.

the hubs' caddy heard i was freelancing and that there was going to be some additional money coming in so it decided to have issues. he was driving to an appointment yesterday and it died. like all the electrical stuff cut off and the car just stopped. ah. nice. so it is in the shop today and we should have it back, good as new, on monday. hundreds of dollars later. damn car.

the appointment the hubs was en route to yesterday was a check up w/ his cardiologist. since having the stent put in several years ago he has been seeing her once a year (except last year when he didn't and i can't remember why). she (and we) were pleasantly surprised and happy that his blood pressure is in the normal range. ha. most people would say, yeah, whoopty doo, what's so great about that? well, he's never been in the normal range. this is great. his ekg looked good and she's pleased w/ the recent changes he's made in his lifestyle (ie walking, eating better, actually taking all of his meds like he should). it's a great thing.

so far, between the two of us, we have lost the weight equivalent to my two-year old sweet niece puddin. : )


Grey Ghost said...

So Mr CK has had a heart attack as well,I had mine just after Christmas 09.I was suprised to find out it was my 2nd,don't remember the 1st one.I've been naughty,I stopped taking my meds,well I began to rattle.I walk more than I used to,sometimes beside rivers as I've taken up fly fishing,I've also changed my diet.I feel OK,don't know if I am,can't find time to get to my hospital appointments.I know,I ought to find

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the weight loss and good checkup for the Hubs! I know you are pleased, given all the other CRAP you've had to deal with. :)


Sweet T

Word verification: zings :)

cheatymoon said...

So glad your hubs got the thumbs up from the cardiologist. Other half has been living healthier as well, over the past few years, though he still won't go to a dr. Turns 50 soon. Ack.

Congrats on the weight loss as well. :-)

Surely said...

That is ALL happy news!!!!! Well, other than the car but whatever. Work with me here.

Gal Friday said...

Too bad about the dead car(wierd that it just stopped like that!), but so happy for you all that your husband's check-up went so well. My husband has high blood pressure and high cholesterol(thanks to his genes, from BOTH sides of his family)which is kept in check by medication and exercising(which he actually likes and does at least threee times a week).

Your brain must be in creative overdrive with that "wordy" free-lance job.