Tuesday, September 14, 2010

music and games my two favorite things

firegirl had a cool listy thing going on the other day and i had to steal it.

name the song that...(insert your answer here)

...you have to turn off the moment you hear it.
i can't think of one song off the top of my head; however, i can't abide crazy/heavy/acid metal where it is just screaming. oh, i have to turn off sheryl crow singing the first cut is the deepest--i can't stand for anyone else to sing rod.

...will wake you out of a deep sleep.
love shack, b52s

...makes you cry.
i'm a crier so on any given day it could be any given song. however, every single time i hear don't take the girl, tim mcgraw, i tear up. also, forever young, rod stewart, because i envision that song playing at both of my kids' weddings.

...makes you laugh.
that stupid i'm too sexy song, right said fred. really? the only thing worse is the video.

...reminds of your first love.
since this has been an ongoing love affair there are dozens of songs. pick a slow song from the 80s and it makes me think of the hubs. time after time, cyndie lauper; hard habit to break, chicago (actually, most all of the songs on that particular chicago album); against all odds, phil collins.

....was your wedding song.
the music we wanted didn't actually get played at the wedding but at the reception. everything i do i do for you, bryan adams; you're the inspiration, chicago. on our honeymoon we danced to wonderful tonight, eric clapton, so every time i hear that song i think of that night.

....makes you spontaneously dance.
hmmm, can't think of a recent time when i spontaneously danced.

...chill out to.
anything van morrison. the whole moondance cd works.

...enegizes you.
hmmm, this also could be van morrison depending on my mood.

...is your theme song.
drops of jupiter, train.


Unknown said...

Since I recently listed several singers and movies I didn't know about I had to comment. I love Chicago also. See I'm completely out of touch :)

Unknown said...

Duh! NOT out of touch! I think at least...

Gal Friday said...

Oh, I SO agree with you on Van the Man as the answer to both "music to chill out to" and "music to eregize" you!!!

THis is a great little survey/list for blogs(glad you stole from firegirl, 'cause now I am going to steal from you)h

Gal Friday said...

Looks like it could be one of those word verification words.
I have no idea how I came up with that, when I MEANT to type "energize".

Fragrant Liar said...

So many songs make me spontaneously get up and dance. Here are two:

Santana and Michelle Branch doing *The Game of Love*

Jace Everette doing *Bad Things* (True Blood theme song)

Surely said...

Fun! Thanks for playing!!!

B-52's is an Excellent answer. I wish I'd thought of it.

Dude, you have to spontaneously dance. Have. To. Might I also suggest Michael Franti?

Kevin loves Van Morrison. Belts it out in the shower.

Oooh, Drops of Jupiter!!! another good answer!

See? this is why it's a fun game!

cheatymoon said...

I turn off every Sheryl Crow song.

Van Morrison makes me cry, so does Ray Lamontagne, and often (lately) Jason Mraz...

But they make me smile and sing and energize me too. I love music.

Wicked fun game.