Tuesday, September 7, 2010

i has a happy

so many posts over the last year here have been bitching and moaning about being unemployed. don't get me wrong, my top goal remains to find a full time job and i'm still sending out resumes left and right.

i have fallen into a freelance bounty of sorts here lately and, aside from earning money, it is giving me peace of mind. i am not writing the great american novel, but it is writing and for now that is ok.

i got some wonderful gifts for my birthday (the hubs always laments about not being able to spend a lot of money no matter how hard i've tried to convince him over the years that for me it REALLY is the little things that i love) and two of the things that continue to bring me a smile are the starbucks gift card (toffee mocha yum!) and the latest train cd. oh how i do love pat's voice. really. how can you hear his words and his voice and that music and not just want to burst? very close to my birthday i also got that awesome treasure chest from only that included recordings of my other musical love, van morrison. though i always cherish my true love rod, train and van make my heart sing too.

the past few weeks have seen a bit of a change in our lifestyle. i haven't gone into detail about the hubs' health issues (i think it might make him uncomfortable), but he has them. his brother's death last year was not only a horrible shock, but it also made the hubs think about his own mortality even more than he already did (which is quite a lot frankly). so he has started walking and eating healthier (without my prodding) and working out. the rest of us have started this journey with him a bit. we go for walks most days as a family. we're all eating a little healthier. (i'm sure this toffee mocha i'm drinking isn't healthy though). regardless, it feels good.

since the day she was born people have said how much the girl looks like me. day to day i don't see it, but when i look at our pictures i do. she has so many of my personality traits too, some good, some bad. this summer she started writing poetry in earnest. and collecting quotes. it is like deja vu for me. though as i got older i progressed to saving my found quotes in a word document (along w/ whatever poetry i've managed to force out), when i was her age i did exactly what she's doing, filling composition books and spiral notebooks. i need to dig those out and share them with her.

i have realized that i am prejudiced when it comes to giving my kids money. they get allowances, though admittedly sometimes i don't think they earn them. they are SUPPOSED to clear off the table every night (together, which they do); put their clean/folded clothes away (which they do); girl feeds the cats; boy feeds the dogs (always has to be reminded); they haul the dirty laundry to the laundry room and they are to keep their rooms clean. epic fail there. their rooms are like war zones. this always astounds me because they don't spend lots of time in their rooms. when they want to buy something we encourage them to save their money for it. the girl is better at this than the boy (granted she's 13 and he's 10). however, i am a sucker when it comes to books. if there is a particular book they are dying for i almost always find a way to make it seem like they've earned it (like by having the boy haul all the laundry to the laundry room and vacuum the den) or i just flat out buy it. i'm a sucker for that. both of my kids LOVE to read as much as i do. i am incredibly proud and thankful for that.


Surely said...

OMG...we have to have shared DNA somewhere! I too have a word doc full of quotes!

Doing the happy dance for the freelance and the exercise etc.

Yes, she does look like you. There's no doubt she's yours. (:-D

I always say "There's no such thing as too many books" and I agree that they aren't necessarily things to be earned

Grey Ghost said...

Who is Rod?
Who is/are Train?
Van the man.I always keep Still On Top beside me,at home or in the car.

drollgirl said...

well it sounds like life is good! and happy belated birthday!

long walks and books make life really good. i have been walking more and reading more, and i just love both of those things! :)

cheatymoon said...

I am so happy that you are on the upswing.
This helpful post is reminding me to listen to Van Morrison, take a walk, and breathe. It's been so incredibly unbloggable here. ack.

Gal Friday said...

You know what? I really like your little family unit of four! From the way you so affectionately write about the Hubs and the Girl and Boy, you all seem like a grounded, creative and loving bunch.
Good for your husband trying to change his eating ways and other things, too(my husband has bad genes in the heart health department and has taken good care of himself for years because of it, but I still worry about him )

BTW, I know all about "war zone" bedrooms--my daughter's is frightening to behold.

creative kerfuffle said...

grey--Rod is my first musical love--rod stewart : ) train is a band, another group i love.