Wednesday, September 22, 2010

brownies might cure everything

ok, so really, of course they don't. but the girl made brownies on sunday and i have had that is unlike me, really. i realize i am not twiggy, but i don't normally scarf down the cookies/cakes/brownies like one might suspect. but, i've been stressing about that damned car (which we have back now, thank you jeebus) and the dwindling savings.

i am desperately trying to wrap up a few of these freelance projects (which i should be doing right this damn minute instead of blogging) but my brain doesn't want to think about financial coaches and synonyms for natural and high-quality. blech.

plus the hubs threw me off my game today. his office was giving free flu shots. he made me get one. yuck. so he had to come home, get me, go to the office, get the shot, bring me home. he treated me w/ a quickie (one of the bennies of the kids being back in school. squee!) and then we went to pick up his car. so really, it's not that i've procrastinated today, i've been busy.

the boy is testing for his high brown belt tonight. it's a pretty big deal for him--he's been in karate right at a year now and already getting his high brown. he's about a year or even more, ahead of schedule. he's fierce.

i told you about reconnecting w/ my high school bff texas right? : ) we have been emailing like banshees, long here's everything about my life emails. i fucking love it. i read her emails and it's like the 20+ years just melted away. she was the cool one of the three of us. really. she was the prettiest and i think the most outgoing. even though she was smart she wasn't as nerdy as the rest of us. ah. i just love talking w/ her again. and? i sent her the link to my blog. i was scared at first. i mean, hello--the last time we were around each other every day was in high school. i was such a good girl then, i didn't really cuss. we weren't finished growing up when we parted, so it's interesting to learn about the people we've become. she still cracks me up and i can hear her laugh through the email.


Grey Ghost said...

I suppose thats one way of getting people to take their shots.If Joyce were still around I might have continued taking my meds.

Anonymous said...

I want a brownie. Now! :)

Good for the Hubs for making you get a flu shot. I remember how sick you were when we first started working together. You don't need that!

Sweet T

cheatymoon said...

I only have one long-time friend reading my blog regularly. Most people I know in real life (except my sister) don't read it... which is fine.

I just made brownies. Now I need to go for a walk.

Your kid is WAY ahead of schedule... My boy took 2.5 years to test for brown/black (and then, he quit.) I wish that he would go back. I miss those karate days.

Fragrant Liar said...

You got treated to a quickie AND a brownie? Girlfriend, you are making me jealous!