Monday, August 10, 2009

self righteous diva bitch here

please allow me to introduce myself. i am the self righteous diva bitch side of ck.

as you know i've been unemployed since april. i am an unemployed editor/writer. i went to j school. i've been writing and editing as a profession for...oh i don't know about 17-18 years. jobs in this area in this field are few and far between.

generally i am not a diva. i have applied for and would accept jobs that i know i'm over qualified for, so long as the money was right. i mean i've applied for marketing jobs in a waste management company and a cigarette company for god's sake. i have no shame at this point. lol.

early on in my job search i sent my resume to a few local publications, knowing they weren't hiring and could not afford me full time but thinking perhaps to drum up some freelance work. one particular small, small local publication could soooooo use my help. the guy who owns/runs it is doing great (i assume cos he's managed to keep it afloat for 2-3 years) on the sales side of things. the staff consists of him. he uses freelance writers/photographers for his articles. he lays the thing out himself, it could use a lot of help, but it's his baby. anyway, i met w/ him, at length months ago, showed him samples of my work, gave him copies of my former magazine, etc. he is not an editor/writer and has no idea about that side of the business.

dude emailed about a month or more ago asking if i would be interested in freelancing. uh, yeah i think i told you that when we met. the pay is minuscule, but then he's looking for short articles. i again told him yes, i'm interested. i hear nothing for weeks.

when the kids and i were on vacay in wv he emailed me about doing an article--deadline this wednesday. same small payment, same small amount of work. sure, i can do that. dude asks me AGAIN to send him writing samples. hmm, did you lose the three magazines and my resume?? i emailed him links to some of my work that's online. he emails back asking if these are interviews? uh, did you fucking read them? (did i mention he is all of maybe 25? not to offend any younger readers but i'm closing in on 41 and have about 20 times more experience in publishing than this douche canoe and he's dicking around). ahem.

i said, uh, yes, these are samples of interviews. still nothing. so--today i email him again saying i assume since i haven't heard from him he's found another writer, especially seeing as how the deadline is wednesday and he's not nailed down the particulars. i also have to get on my journalistic high horse here and say i hate the way he picks people to write about because they are only people who advertise w/ him. he has to get their ad money in before he agrees to write about them. ohmygod this goes against every freaking thing i was taught in j-school and everything i've always fought against as an editor. this boy so needs my help.

and? the things that makes me want to laugh and smack him silly at the same time is that he keeps saying this interview subject is a big wig in our town (i should remind you i live in a small town). like i should be in awe or honored or whatever to be interviewing this guy. uh, dude? really? i'm not 12 and i'm not fresh out of school. interviewing a small town big wig or town council guy or business owner doesn't really impress me any more. look at my fucking resume dude. i have been there and done that and much more.

i know it is bitchy. i know it is being a diva. but i am sooooooo above this shit that he's taking so serious thinks i should be impressed with. omg. now he is telling me that he might be able to get me the info later today and could i still do the interview write the article.

grasshopper really needs to hire me as a consultant to run the editorial side of his business. sheesh.


Not Your Aunt B said...

Ugh. I didn't know GUYS could be flakes too. Get with the program already dude!

Kristin.... said...

There is a reason he works alone~he is a tool (of course I prefer douche canoe).

what a pain.

cheatymoon said...

Grasshopper Douche-Canoe, you mean.

People like that get me the wrong way too.

Off to read another post that has "rant" in the title.

the Mayor said...

I have several people close to me job hunting right now and there seems to be a common thread in all of your experiences.
My theory is some evil genious is in control of our commerce these days. Because this weenie you've described is the same prototype in charge of hiring at every business I hear about.

Gal Friday said...

Oh good Lord--you have every right to bitch about this kid. And, no, you don't in a any way come across as a diva.
As the "Mayor"(above) said it already so well--it seems sad that these "weenie" types are in charge these day...gggrrrr....

Astarte said...

Twenty five?! Is he out of diapers yet? Males aren't even fully grown until they're thirty, I think we can all agree on that. I could never stand to work like that. You're not a diva - you're an ADULT.

Trish said...

Well...just freaking step up and tell him OR start up your own thing and beat him at his own game. What do you have to lose? $50?