Friday, August 14, 2009

old people are weird

at least according to my kids. and by old people they mean people above 20 i'm sure. today we ran around trying to finish off the school shopping hell. clothes/shoe shopping--the supplies have already been bought. well, mostly bought. the girl needs 2 three inch binders. do you know how rare these are? do you know how inordinately huge these are? we finally saw some today but at this point i refuse to buy them because i want to ask the teachers at open house if they really need TWO three inch binders. if they have to lug those around i'm getting the girl a friggin shopping cart. fuckers.

back to the "old people are weird." the girl said this as she was fussing about shopping for her smod clothes--standard mode of dress.when she entered middle school last year i thought this was kind of cool. it's not a uniform, per se, but they can only wear khaki or navy pants, solid specific colored collared shirts and the outrageously expensive spirit wear shirts sold through the schools. apparently retailers haven't really caught on to smod in our area. that, coupled w/ the fact that the girl is aging out of the girl's clothing and into junior's--it raises some issues for us. finding khaki shorts that cover more than butt cheeks is not as easy as one might think.

the girl says smod is stupid and frankly i'm beginning to think she's right. the idea of smod--i assume--is to deter peer pressure, gang-like activity and promote tactful dressing instead of hoochy mama looks. smod doesn't deter peer pressure--as experienced last year when "everyone" was wearing polor shirts from abercrombie & fitch rather than tarjay. it might deter the hoochy mama issues--for now--but as soon as these kids hit high school all bets are off. i don't think it's all that beneficial after all and it makes school clothes shopping a pain in the ass for me.

the boy says "old" people are weird because in his school they get to decide which kids are in the talent show and he thinks the kids should get to decide. he says he'd rather see someone who can burp the alphabet rather than someone doing "some stupid dance." the burping would be "very entertaining." can't argue that.

i guess old people are also weird because of their taste in music. being with the kids this summer i've been listening to more of THEIR music. when we're running errands, riding around town we often listen to their radio stations. these are the top 40 stations that play the same 20 songs all damn day. granted i like a few of them (poker face is cool, actually, i think i like several pink songs) but this if you seek amy ( brittney song, kiss me through the phone, boom boom pow, tonight's gonna be a good night, that's what you get for waking up in vegas, somebody call 911 shorty's something on the dance floor, ushi or umi your the best, etc. roll through my head way too often and make me want to hurl. oh and disco stick and don't trust a ho--(sssshhhh girl, shut your lips, do the hellen keller and talk with your hips) yeah, such great music. must, get these tunes out of my head! aigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ali said...

Old people ARE weird. I feel myself getting weirder every day. I often get awful songs stick in my head too!

Pretty much all schools have a uniform in Australia and I like it - a bit different to SMOD but they do have a range of things that they can wear usually. It makes doing the washing for the week easier though, they usually don't dirty too much other than their uniform and a couple of things on the weekend. Waay less to wash!!

Antoinette Meaterson said...

Yeah can someone tell me what the Helen Keller is??? Disco stick and boom boom power get stuck in my head all the time too. Thanks.

cheatymoon said...

Thankfully my son doesn't listen to that... but the clothes he wears... oh boy. All black. He would not be pleased w/ smod.

Hotch Potchery said...

I like all those songs---except the Helen Keller one. And YAY no school shopping for me this year!!!