Saturday, August 1, 2009

i've got the look

i felt the blog needed a new look since we've been on an updating binge around our house this summer. is it too pink? too girly? eh, it'll do for now.

the kids and i got back from wv yesterday. we had a great time.

the drive up there wasn't bad at all and coming through the last tunnel i popped in the john denver cd--almost heaven--and felt that same feeling i always get coming out of the tunnel and entering wv. i get choked up, emotionally and physically. i feel myself getting flushed or tingly or something, i can't describe it. it's the same feeling i get when i first walk into a great art museum and see paintings i recognize.

i don't ever imagine that we'll move to wv, and i don't necessarily want to live there again, but it is such a part of my soul. and even though i went to college there, it's not even about the time i spent there then, it's about the childhood memories and the feelings of appreciation for the mountains and the natural beauty.

we spent the week at one of my aunt/uncle's house. i have two left who live in wv, along w/ my last remaining grandparent and some cousins.

we went camping (in a camper w/ electricity and running water and all the amenities of home--quite the contrast from our tent camping earlier this summer) one night w/ my aunt. the campground is filled w/ people who keep their campers there year round. they've built decks, planted flowers, have dish tv, etc. it's weird but fun just the same. almost everyone has a golf cart to get around in. the kids drove the golf cart, we swam at the campground pool, went down to the river to skip stones, etc.

we also went to visit my (and my aunt's) alma mater, marshall university. i know that i've driven by the campus maybe once or twice since graduating, but that was the first time i'd been on campus since 1990. they've built a new stadium and added several buildings. both kids decided they want to go to school there, and, while a small part of me would be excited and proud for them to walk in my footsteps, i really want them to go to a college that best fits them and what they want to do in life. i told them both this, several times.

i had a wonderful time w/ the hubs last night. after the kids went to bed we sat on our new couch in the living room (it's chocolate brown and not a cat scratch on it thank you very much) and we imbibed in a little mary jane and talked for hours. we came to realize that we have a lot of stuff in the house that neither of us really cares for. nick knacks, pictures etc. that we'd each just let be because we thought the other really liked it. we started de-assing last night and finished up some today. the dining room table is piled w/ stuff to box up and put in the attic. it was like an episode of an hgtv show when the designer comes in and removes about have the shit you have sitting around collecting dust and voila, your house looks much much better. aside from the clutter stuff we just talked for hours.

personally i think the hubs and i are great communicators compared to so many other relationships i see. we enjoy being w/ each other. we talk to each other. i think that some couples drift apart the longer they're together and i think the hubs and i are just the opposite. we started out as friends, became best friends, dated, got married and through the years we just keep drawing closer and closer together.

tomorrow we're puttering around the house and packing because monday we're going to the beach! happily the hubs is coming on this trip. we're just going for a few days, but oh....i cannot wait to see the ocean. i love the beach in the morning and evening, and love hearing the waves at night. i love the smell and the sound and the feeling of.....unimportance? i feel. when you stand there, looking at such a huge expanse of sheer, natural power i'm always reminded that i'm just a speck, just a blip on the earth's surface. it's sort of grounding to be there, puts things in perspective.


IB said...


Nice to see you posting again. I have been waiting to read more of your story. It's a good one.


Kristin.... said...

welcome back! I like the blog changes; make your blog post fonts chocolate or black. That's what I'd do. :)

have fun at the beach. I'll be here with my Percocet!

Penny said...

I feel the same way about me and Teddy, I love to be with him, he is absolutely my favorite person in the world and it seems like a lot of other couples I know are always trying to get away from each other with "girls night" or seperate vacations(not like yours where your hubby had to work, but where they both have off and go different places)or man rooms or whatever, basically just excuses to be apart...

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

so happy your back and that you stopped by last night.

i DO love the new look :) and further?

awesome time with your family. i love my family time. and then whole purging thing? isn't that almost orgasmic? ok, well, maybe not with the mad skilz your sweetie has....but anyways. i feel you on that one. the bonus of communication? well that is just the icing on the cake. and i hope you have a fabulous time at the beach. you know that i did. perspective washes in with each wave.....

Not Your Aunt B said...

YAY beach! And that is so sweet what you said about your hubs. I feel the same way too (about mine, not yours LOL!). Have a great time!

Pseudo said...

I love staying at a beachhouse so I can take ones in early morning and sunset.

Loved hearing about the closeness you and your husband have.

cheatymoon said...

Good for you for getting away to the beach. Pretty impressive, back to back vacations.

Love your description of you and hubby. :-)

Great post.

drollgirl said...

you sound so HAPPY!!! and as if you are having such a wonderful summer! woo hoo -- that is so great, and you deserve it!

and the relationship you and your husband have is so enviable! it is really encouraging to hear about good, happy, healthy marriages. :)

Astarte said...

Well, it's pretty, but it *is* a little girly. I didn't know you had it in you! :)

It sounds like you're having a great time!!! I love hearing all about your fun!