Wednesday, July 29, 2009

dream a little dream

(the kids and i are still in wv on vacay. today's the first day we've been online since being here and while i'm sure i'll have lots to share w/ you about out trip later, i had to write this post now because i was reading some one's blog and this topic popped in my head.)

i am by no means psychic or talented in any of those ways, but sometimes i do get feelings about things and can guess or anticipate things that people very close to me are going to do or say (usually just the kids and the hubs). i think much of this comes from living w/ someone being close to them 24/7--like being able to finish the hub's sentence or knowing what gift he's going to give me before he gives it or something.

but, i have had dreams that have come true. these dreams have always been about pregnancies.

the hubs and i were married five years before the girl was born. we never used birth control because i wanted kids right then and there. we tried for five years (though we didn't start down the road of invitro or anything) and we're basically at the point of not trying any more because i was becoming a basket case.

one night, out of the blue, i had an incredibly vivid dream about holding a baby girl and i knew it was my daughter. the next day i stopped at the drug store after work and bought a pregnancy test. it was positive.

fast forward about a year. one night i had a dream that i was throwing a baby shower for a co-worker. we were pretty good friends and i was excited. the next day at lunch i laughingly told her this dream and she just stared at me. we were sitting in the lunch room w/ other people and she didn't say much. later she told me that they'd just recently found out she was pregnant and they hadn't started telling people yet.

fast forward again. i had a dream that a co-worker's wife was pregnant w/ twins. i can't remember the details of this one as well---when i told him about the dream i think he confirmed that she was pregnant but they didn't have any indication it was twins since it was so early. later she miscarried---twins. (happily they went on to have two very cute little boys.)

i haven't had a dream like that for a long time and it's not ever anything i plan or can control or realize is coming. however, my friends do ask me to tell them if i ever dream about them being pregnant.


Hotch Potchery said...

Spooky! Please never! dream about me. Never.

cheatymoon said...

Huh. Apparently I am not the only freak. Excellent company, yet again!


Penny said...

I tend to get Deja Vue a lot, and sometimes I feel like I can predict what is about to happen....spooky.

Not Your Aunt B said...

I think I have deja vu (like Penny) or maybe it is just intuition, but some of my dreams or feelings about pregnancies have been right on the mark which is scary as it has been half good and half bad. I don't even share them with anyone but J as I don't think they would be welcomed by the people that were them (even now).