Wednesday, August 26, 2009

hallllooooo poppets!

(said in my best mrs. doubtfire voice, if you can imagine)

i feel like i've not written a post in about a year but of course it's only been close to a week. i haven't been around to read all of you either--i sincerely apologize and will be by shortly. i keep up w/ many of you on facelibre as well so i don't feel completely in the dark.

lest you think i've been negligent just because i'm farming and killing people on facelibre, i'll give you a bulleted list of all of the things keeping me from blogging lately.

  • we fell into that deep, deep dark cave and got a family cell phone plan. i know, i know. you don't have to say anything. but we got the minimal plan (w/ unlimited texting) and the boy, girl and i got phones. holy hell folks, i now have a slide out keyboard on my phone. and it's purple for god's sake! yes, me, the one who poo-pooed the whole damn thing. what can i say? it was shiny and i liked it. the girl texts me every afternoon as soon as she gets on the school bus since she can't have it on in school. the boy isn't allowed to take his to school.
  • i have spent most of the past weeks up until yesterday (first day of school) running around like a chicken w/ my head cut off. despite the fact we officially finished school shopping more than a week ago, there were last minute needs/wants. it seemed like every time we went anywhere the boy or the girl would remember they needed a belt or a notebook etc. oy vey i was fried.
  • i also spent a lot of time getting ready for the hubs' bday (he turned 44 on monday). we had a family "surprise" party for him on saturday, my folks, sis & her fam and bro and his fam. srsly don't think the hubs was surprised considering how many times my mom and sis called asking me needless questions about it, especially since neither of them call on a regular basis. hello--secret? understand the concept?
  • i totally fucked up his actual birthday however. i had spent weeks researching hammocks and visiting a couple of stores before deciding on which replacement hammock to get him (the one he got for father's day broke a month ago). i was soooo pleased. monday the kids and i finished our errands and i went to set the hammock up before the hubs got home and it was too big for our frame. fuckity fuck fuck. that was his gift--the hammock and pillow to go w/ it. so we had to rush out and get something else and i was totally not happy. so frustrated, very near tears. i wanted it to be a good day for him since i knew it was a rough bday to begin w/.
  • the hubs had a hard time this year w/ his bday because it's the first bday w/out his brother--he used to call the hubs every year, preferably as early as possible to try to be the first person to wish him happy bday. and, though it's been 5 yrs since his mom died, she also always called. two calls that weren't happening this year--it had a powerful impact. his dad didn't call because he's on an alaskan cruise this week. said it was too expensive to call from the ship. don't even get me started on that man. i swear to god sometimes it takes everything i have not to call and rip that man a new asshole and tell him exactly what i think of him. i used to feel so differently, before the hub's mom died. he did get a call from his sister, but that was it.
  • last week i also was dealing w/ a freelance project that turned into a goat rodeo because every person connected w/ the organization i was writing about had to put their two cents in. night.mare.
  • this week i've got a little more freelance work going on, mostly writing press releases, but it feels good to have something going on.
  • as much as i was ready for the kids to go to school, i like being here when they come home in the afternoon. of course i HATE getting up at 6am again, but once everyone is out the door by 7:45-8:00 i have 6 hours to myself. i am a person who needs alone time. i missed that this summer. yesterday i almost jumped for joy when i was alone. i puttered around the house, mowed the back yard and never once turned the tv on. it was heaven.
  • oh! and i got a new digital camera (early) for my bday! it's awesome--24X optical zoom. zmog! i haven't discovered all of its many wonders, but i will and will share pics.


i plan on blogging and reading much more often. i miss reading you all!


Gal Friday said...

I also didn't blog for just over a week and felt like I had been away for a year.
You sound happy, pretty much(I wouldn't beat yourself up too much over the wrong hammock replacement--I am sure there are plenty of other ways your husband feels loved and appreciated by you)and good to hear you have been getting some freelance work(as frustrating as some jobs may be...)

I can't WAIT until school starts(next week)--even though I am away at work most days, I will even treasure that time alone after the teacher husband and the daughter leave early in the morning-- a little alone time with the thoughts in my head(plus Tuesdays a=off ALONE, again). Yeah, I missed my alone time, too, during the summer.

cheatymoon said...

You sound like you're doing really well and I'm so happy that you have some freelance going on and some alone time.

Happy for the hubby. :-)

Have fun w/ the fancy purple phone.

Not Your Aunt B said...

Goat rodeo?!?! I love it. Stealing it. And working at it tomorrow (aka the ER).

Pandora said...

I'm jealous of your shiny new phone and camera.I WANT THEM TOO!

It's so horrible about your husband.I understand how he feels,but he is a very lucky man to have such a loving wife,who is so in tune with him.

(You could always give him some 'soft money' as a present for his birthday.That's my boyfriend's code for sex.He always offers to pay me for stuff I do around the house,with soft money)

Kristin.... said...

School starts Monday. I can't wait. Of course it's only for M; D doesn't start until the 9th. What will I do with 12 hours a week of just 2 kids to care for? :)

I hope hubs had a nice b-day. You are a good wifey!

Penny said...

Thanks for the comment on my helps to know others have gone through the job funk and made it out OK!

I am also a convert to fun, new cellphones...I had one that was a piece of crap for YEARS and I never used it, then I got a pink blackberry and I'm all about texting, emailing, and facebooking from it...I'm sure your kids are in cell phone heaven!

Happy Birthday to your husband! What a good wife you are to have a party for him, and I think your gift was a nice thought even if it didn't execute the way you wanted!

Antoinette Meaterson said...

OH hell, I suppose that mean I have to START blogging again huh??? *SIGH* Ok.

I never turn the TV when I'm home alone either. I would be so happy with just a computer. I listen to a lot of music and sing and putz around. I get a lot done too, and then I veg.

drollgirl said...

you are one busy bee! glad to hear things are pretty good overall, and that you have some freelance work!

hope the hubs is doing ok. birthdays can be kind of tough, especially when you are celebrating without all of those that you wish could be with you in one form or another.