Tuesday, August 11, 2009

dream a little dream

the girl just got up (it is 10:32am). she plopped down at the kitchen table in front of me and here is our conversation:

girl: i just had the best dream and i didn't want to wake up.

me (thinking it was going to be about twilight or something): what was it about?

girl: it was the first day of 7th grade and our homeroom teacher gave the whole class lg rumors (i assume this is a cool phone). then she told us we could text anyone in the room for 30 minutes. it was so cool!

the alternate title to this post would be shoring up the cave in.

the hubs is caving in. i've felt it, sensed it, but he threw it right out there in the open last night when he got home from work. we're sitting on the couch and he says, i just want you to THINK about getting them new phones.

i immediately say no.

he says--don't say no yet. just THINK about it. which means he's already thinking about it which means sometime soon they will get new phones.

he says---they're good kids.
me--they're spoiled kids.
he--nawwww.....who am i kidding, yes they are spoiled, but, they're good kids.
me--getting them these phones now not only doesn't make any fiscal sense it also teaches her that if she whines and pouts and fusses long enough she'll get whatever she wants and that's just not realistic. that's not teaching her about life.
he---but she's a kid she doesn't need to learn about disappointment yet.

he's caving. i think i need a safety helmut.


Gal Friday said...

I think I need to read the previous blog(the cell phone issue).
My daughter is STILL working on us for replacing her perfectly fine(cheapo "bought-in-the-drugstore" cell phone, but which is still nicer than mine) phone and we just..IGNORE.
We decided to let her have a cell phone when she was 12(and all three in the family got one), but as I said, these have no bells and whistles(I rarely even use mine). My daughter frightens me that she wants constantly to replace her phone and iPOD for the latest model and can't seem to be content with what she has. It doesn't help that most of her friends are simply given all the newest "toys"(and not even at Christmas time).
There is a good reason for cell phones(when they walk to a friend's house alone, for instance, or have to wait after school for a ride),and if your kids end up getting them don't be surprised when the novelty wears off and they barely use them(this hapopend a few months after my daughter got her's)

Just my two cents worth....

Astarte said...

Oh, no! Break out the 2x4's to shore the guy up!!! Men are so easy. Sheesh.

Maybe you could make some kind of plan with her, where she works for the phone by doing laundry and vacuuming and whatnot. That would teach her about earning things, and maybe shut her up on the whining because it's all on her own shoulders? Also, it would shore up the hubby for awhile in his tween-inspired crumbling.

Hotch Potchery said...

We did cell phones at 13---just the basics though, if they want fancy, they upgrade with their own money.

I agree that to cave now would teach her a lesso
that you don't want learned....what about after first reporting period from school? Or chores?

broad minded said...

ugh. i feel your pain. i wouldn't want to do it either. stay strong. tell the hubs that the democrats want her to have a phone, that should help.

Not Your Aunt B said...

The guy always caves first. Men. If he's thinking about getting her one now, what's the harm in waiting for Christmas or her birthday- that way it is more of the occasion instead of caving to be cool in school or because she whined enough.

cheatymoon said...

I like the birthday or Christmas option! That's what we did initially.

Good luck w/ the battle.

Pandora said...

Why do the moms always have to play Bad Cop?

What you said is very right.If he caves now,it will show her that if she nags hard enough,she'll get what she wants eventually.

I also don't think that it's ever too early for a child to learn financial responsibility.

So good luck,and keep sticking to your guns!

Ali said...

My husband's a softy too. He doesn't get that they will survive and probably be better for having to wait a bit. I usually win though cos I am a bitch. Heh.