Thursday, November 20, 2008

thankful...that's me

we picked the cats up at the vet and thankfully, princess meow meow is ok. for now. her blood sugar was normal (meaning she was totally freaked the hell out when they took it day before yesterday). the heart worm issue is one that we'll have to monitor. according to the tests she has been exposed to heart worms. this could mean that she was bitten at one time and did contract them but her feline immunity fended them off. or it could mean that she has them and they've yet to develop into adults. the xray didn't show any so that's a good thing. the vet recommends a yearly xray from now on for her, at least until she doesn't test positive for them again. and, her laryngitis? probably an infection she got from jasper, the kitteh.

the hubs explained this to the girl and she's ok. and for now, her cat is okay. huge sigh of relief here.

and earlier this week i breathed another huge sigh of relief. the hubs went to see a specialist, referred by his doctor. his sugar levels have been off (he's diabetic). we really thought the endocrinologist was going to put him on insulin. thankfully, she's changing up his meds a bit and stressing again the importance of life style changes. we know this. unfortunately much of the hubs' health issues are genetic, but there are things we can do together to change our life style.

i'm also thankful for my kids. i know they aren't perfect and i know i miss the days when they were sweet babies, but i do so enjoy their minds and personalities---most of the time.

i made chicken pot pie for dinner, semi-homemade. everyone was looking forward to it except the boy. he said: "pie should only be involved with dessert, not chicken."

not 10 minutes ago the girl called me in to the bathroom before she got in the shower. she feels a need to keep me visually apprised of her maturing. she said: mom, it's getting hairier and i don't like that. can i shave it? me: !!!!!! NO!

and lastly, i got a nice bloggy award from heinous. i think the rules have been bastardized by now and i'm also going to steal another idea from sherendipity and say if you're in my blog roll you're being awarded. i only read award-winning material : ) you're all winners in my book. so, the bastard rules are three unknown things about yourself (i think). i tell ya'll everything already so this will be hard to come up with three things you don't know about me.

1. i don't like wearing socks to bed and i don't like walking around barefoot.

2. when i was a girl scout camp counselor in college and spent the entire summer in a platform tent in texas my camp nickname was opus. i saw a kid make a paperweight out of a tarantula and each night heard armadillos running around the camp.

3. if you look at pictures of me and the girl up until about the 3rd grade you can't really tell us apart. however, i think she is much, much prettier than me.


King of New York Hacks said...

opus, tarantulas and armadillos ??? You're lucky to be blogging!!

creative kerfuffle said...

i know right! oh, and welcome : )

Unknown said...

It's great to hear things are looking up for everyone.

I love opus. I'll have to pull out my opus avatar.

P.S. Those rules are so far from what they used to be that it's like the old game of grapevine. It's much easier this way though ;)

Not Your Aunt B said...

Just glad everyone (human and feline) are okay. I remember those girl scout platform tents! Brought back crazy GS stories to my mind.

creative kerfuffle said...

heinous---opus, my hero. i was addicted to berkeley breathed starting in HS, and fell in love w/ opus then and that morphed into my great abiding love for penguins and antarctica, where i hope to some day visit.
aunt bea--crazy gs stories indeed. i actually had fun that summer, despite the sweltering texas heat and creepy crawlies.

Sherendipity said...

well, I think you're an uber goober, too.

Astarte said...

A REAL tarantula?! GROSS!

Thank heavens about the cat. Losing a pet is BAD. When we thought Sasha was gone last month, I was terrified of what Josie would do.

Shaving... oh, no. Josie requested her first deodorant the other day because she had 'sweaty pits'. Here we go.

creative kerfuffle said...

shere--you're the uberest : )
astarte--yes, it was real, but dead and the kid put it in this glycerin stuff. soooo nasty. so it ended up this clear block of glycerin w/ a tarantula in it. i know how happy you were when the cat came home! and yes, indeed, here we go.