Friday, November 7, 2008

i soooooooooooooo ROCK

i've been bitching a lot this week about the work drama going on, being thrown under the bus, etc. right? WELL, this morning i had my mtg w/ the big boss and got everything straightened out. i feel like singing that song vindicated by dashboard confessional, but after reading the lyrics the only thing really applicable is them scream I AM VINDICATED. ah, it's intoxicating.

the mtg went incredibly well. first the boss said he didn't understand why i felt thrown under the bus; i explained. he told me how it really happened--not the version i got from either my boss or ditto needless to say. and basically it was ditto complaining about how the agenda wasn't any where near complete. i explained to him that in fact the agenda is 99% complete and that ditto knew everything i had been working on.

i then told him about all of my topics and speakers etc. and he said---this is really great! you have great topics, these are good for your industry, these speakers are good, etc. blah blah blah you're wonderful, etc.


i also could not resist throwing in there that i'd done all of this in 8 weeks.

next, cos i know sometimes work crap bores people to death but i'm so high on this coup i couldn't not write about it.

i'm thinking of cheating.......
on my hair person (stylist? hair dresser?) i guess beautician and cosmotologist are too old school right? anyway---i thought i found one that i liked. and for the first time or two i did. i think perhaps i want too much from a stylist.
i would LOVE to be able to sit in a chair and say, please give me a hairstyle that brings out the best in me. like a makeover type thing ya know?
i like my hair, it's curly and low maintenance and soft and relatively healthy, but i want a STYLE. and if i let it go natural it would be light brown and i so do not like me as a brunette. however, i am also cheap and do not want to spend the money to get it highlighted every 6-8 weeks (plus it's a pain in the ass).


Astarte said...

Awesome for you on the job scene!!! You DO totally rock! Good for you for not just laying there like a chalk outline and taking it. That sh*t pisses me off. I used to work for an office that pretty much handed out knives when they hired people - it was that backstabby, and after five years it was one of the best days of my life to tell my boss that I wanted to be included in the layoffs they were doing. Oh, to have had a picture of her bitchy little face!

It is really, really hard to find a good hair stylist. Almost everyone I've ever been to just phones it in. My only idea is to splurge just once, get a great cut, and then go somewhere less expensive for maintenance.

Sherendipity said...

Way to stick up for yourself.

I LOVE my stylist. I can't afford my stylist, but I LOVE HER, and therefore have no problem taking out a small loan when I need to go and get mah hurr did.