Tuesday, November 25, 2008


many of you are most likely eager about the coming thanksgiving celebration this week right? well, egads, i'm not.

to say my family is dysfunctional is a surpreme understatement. i don't hate my family (any more) but i would not say i'm looking forward to spending time with them.

let me break it down for you:

my dad will sit in the den all day either watching tv or playing video games. he's 60 and has more video games than blockbuster. he will occassionally stroll into the hub of the activity, which will be the kitchen/dining room. he will not really engage anyone in conversation. he will not really interact with any of his six grandchildren. at this point in life my kids don't pay him much attention anyway.

my mom will don her rose-colored glasses, her i'm-a-marytr-apron and of course the i'm-a-wonderful-grandma hat and try painfully to pretend that we're the waltons. though it was her idea to have thanksgiving at her house, she will be tired (she's always tired) from all of the cooking. she will have crayons and coloring books for the kids (to show how much she showers them with love) and a craft for them to do (despite the fact that of the six kids my girl is pretty much the only one who likes doing crafts).

my sister and her husband will be there with my sister's two kids. my sister and mother haven't been getting a long lately (because now that my sister is married she is trying to break away from my mom) so this might have the potential of turning in to an event. my sister's husband, if he follows true to form, will nod a few times and not speak a word. my sister SWEARS he can speak english, but aside from yes and no i haven't heard proof. it's incredibly hard to get to know someone who does not speak.

my brother and SIL have the fortune of having thanksgiving lunch at her folk's house and will join our little soiree at some point. they are the only part of my family that i truly enjoy being around. until they arrive the day will be craptastic for the most part.

the hubs will actually be the glue on this day. despite the fact that he likes being around my family even less than i do, he will drive the conversation, well, he acts like he's driving the conversation but really he instigates shit and provides entertainment. he's a good instigator.

my grandma won't be there, choosing instead to celebrate w/ my aunt and uncle and their kids. i don't blame her actually. hell, we've tried to get invited to my SIL's parent's house.

so, ours will not be a butterball turkey commercial thanksgiving. it never has been. thankfully there will be turkey and pie and sweet potatoes. otherwise, i think i'd call in sick.

are you looking forward to turkey day? is it a festive, fun-filled family event for you?


Kristin.... said...

We have our Thanksgiving here now. I actually look forward to it despite all the work. I hated traveling all those years to RI with my family so being home is nice. Doug does the majority of the cooking, also nice.
I am fortunate that my family and his, despite some differences, get along quite well.
Wanna come here? :)

Unknown said...

Ours is always small. Just my in-laws, the boy, and the wife. It makes it a lot easier.

creative kerfuffle said...

both of those sound quite nice actually. kristin--i'd totally come to maine : )

Not Your Aunt B said...

Since I always work Thanksgiving, we'll celebrate here in town with our friends. It's nice because it is casual, fun, the girls get along, the guys get along, and the kids get along. So nice. Highly recommended if the family situation doesn't work out.

Astarte said...

I do like Thanksgiving, a lot. It's my favorite holiday, actually, because there is very little money involved, no shopping, and I get to see my SIL, Jen, who is one of my best friends. For an added bonus, my other SIL and her husband won't be there this year, so I won't have to put up with her husband, who can be a total dillweed! Hooray!

creative kerfuffle said...

astarte--i think there is a rule that everyone has to have at least one brother-in-law that is a dillweed. good for you that you don't have to put up w/ him this year.