Wednesday, January 16, 2008

this that and the other thing

first, thanks to those of you who've kept reading and commenting while i've waded through this funk/slump/bitchfest/pityparty i've been having. i'm sure it wasn't fun/pleasant/enjoyable reading (why am i writing like my friend sneal?)

i think i rounded the corner of sanity today and am feeling better. perhaps it's because of things coming together with the conference. perhaps it's thanks to the attentions of the hubs last night. whatever the reason i knew i'd turned the corner when i put a cd in the cd player on the way to work this morning. i've discovered that when i'm really down and losing my mind i turn away from music for some reason. odd, you'd think i'd be the complete opposite. it's subconscious really. maybe it's because during those times my mind is so full, even if it is full of crap, that i can't let myself experience the music? i don't know. but i find it interesting that i do that. today it was hot justin timberlake i was listening to. yum. i'm still stuck on that sexyback song dammit.

another thing i'm stuck on now is that jon & kate plus 8 show on tlc and the discovery channel. here's what a nerd i am. after we watched the two new episodes the other night i got online to read message boards about the show. sheesh. total geek huh? : ) i can't even imagine that i'd ever in a million years be able to handle 8 kids, especially six 3 year olds. the thing that bothers me about the show is the couple--i often think they don't like each other. they're snappy. but hell, the hubs and i snap at each other sometimes and we only have two.

this evening i was catching up on some blogs i read. some i read because i love the writing style and story telling abilities. some i read for the wtf factor. i totally do not mean to sound judgemental at all because i'm a firm believer in the grass is greener on the other side theory, but some of these stay at home with very young kids moms blow my mind. they're shopping at target every day, are online blogging for hours at a time on not one but two blogs and then there's this whole community of them who've formed "secret" blogs because their family/friends know about their real blogs. really? then they talk about how they don't have time to cook dinner or whatever. ok. i realize my kids aren't babies and things are much busier when you have babies but if you have hours to spend shopping at target and blogging you can damn well make some dinner. what the hell?

our little neck of north carolina is under a winter warning tonight---mrs. a will laugh at this i'm sure---we may get a whopping.....TWO INCHES OF SNOW. i know, ridiculous. there are actually some school systems already calling in a two hour delay tomorrow. i am so hoping for a big ol' fluffy snow though. i want to build a snow man. i want to hear/smell/feel the snow. my poor kids hardly know what it looks like. they've known maybe two snows in their lives. sad really.

they currently are driving me crazy. they're watching american idol and being rowdy during the commercials. the hubs is sacked out on the couch in the living room. he was a bit testy this evening. you'd think after i rocked his world last night he'd have been much much nicer.
this is what i'm hoping for tomorrow : ) the girl's teachers said if they wore their pajamas inside and out and backwards we'd get snow.


Mrs. A. said...

jon & kate plus eight -- no freaking way. I mean,no way could I have survived 6 babies/toddlers/preschoolers/teenagers all at once.

I've got twins, and you've read how well that's gone.

Seriously, though, they must have had TONS of help when the babies were, well, babies. How else could someone survive such mayhem? When would you ever sleep?

I go on message boards all the time for my "shows". Project Runway, Top Chef, Six Feet Under (when it was on) Intervention. I used to even go on the message boards for that one show on TLC about the neighbors re-doing a room in each other's houses (can't think of the name, it was one of the original interior design shows). That tells you what a geek I am.

I've pretty much given up on most "traditional" blogs. Meaning the "big name" ones. This is no lie, so many of them blog about their dogs. Come on. Pictures and entire entries devoted to a dog. And the comments generated are unbelievable in their butt-kissing. Did I really just say that? I like dogs, but not enough to salivate over dogs I don't care about.

Which is why, like I said, I've pretty much whittled my blog reading down to ones that aren't "big names." Don't know what the word is for the well-known bloggers, but I like finding out-of-the-way blogs that aren't slickly written for mass consumption.

Wow, I just took over your comments section, ck. Sorry 'bout that -- look what happens when i'm gone for awhile. :)

Mrs. A

Anonymous said...

what can i say - we are gluttons for punishment??

seriously, that is what friends are for (and yes that is ms. dionne warwick that you hear in the background).

creative kerfuffle said...

mrs. a--good to have you back : )
one thing i've also noticed about some of the blogs that allow google ads--it seems like they're writing to get more ads, like talking about specific products etc.
i also watch project runway and top chef when i think about it.
gp--i did hear the faint sounds of ms. dionne, sniff sniff. how sweet : )