Friday, January 4, 2008

horrible day

don't you hate when you're going along, minding your own business, thinking you're doing your job well and wham! you get the wind knocked out of you?

that was my day today.

the conference is looming. i was feeling good about my agenda. speakers lined up. good speakers. a speaker with a big name. speakers for free. two panel topics, though granted no panelists. i'm working on that part but have had no confirmations yet. so of course the entire focus of the conf. meeting today was on the panels and if my topics were relevant and we have 60 days and i need to get panelists and why don't i know my industry better.

yes. good day. i walked out of the meeting wanting to cry but i didn't. i hate meetings like that. i hate feeling like i don't know what the hell i'm doing. like i don't belong in the job i'm doing. today sucked ass in a major way.

to top it off i think the time has come to hide our toys. the girl found something she shouldn't have. dear lord i thought the hubs was going to bust a blood vessel.

oh yeah, we had been without power also. woke up thursday morning and no power. it was out almost all over town. until 10 pm last night. it was not a good day.

the weekend has to be better.

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