Monday, January 21, 2008

a day off

i don't really know why i long for days off of work because it's not like those are days where i get to sleep in late, lounge around playing on the Internet or reading or napping or whatever. however, i guess overall today was good.

i dropped the boy off at daycare and took the girl to her eye appointment to replace the glasses she lost at home depot. thankfully she doesn't yet have those cataracts it looks like i inherited.

when it came time to choose her frames, wow, she did a 180 from the last pair. the last few pair she had were cute pink wire frames, very nice looking on her. this time she went balls to the walls dark tortoise shell. they too look good on her, but such a departure. egads, she really is growing up. she was quite the diva trying them on though. lord help me.

after dropping her back off at daycare i debated about the hair. i so desperately needed it done but cringed at the thought of spending $100+ on it. it's hair for god's sake. on a whim i stopped in at a local hair place, you know the ones you drive by all the time and never go in? well, thank god i did. not only was it almost half the price, the woman was awesome and did a great job. at least i think so : ) the highlights look good, it actually has a stylish shape to it rather than just long. we'll see what the hubs says. he loves the long long hair but i got about 2-3 inches taken off. it will grow back but it really was getting too long. the woman that cut it was friendly without trying to talk my head off and she washes a good head. don't you love when you get someone that really does a great job washing your hair? i love that.

so, after the hair i picked up the urchins and am making chili for dinner. why the hell do they call it chili anyway?


Trish said...

The hair looks great!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing they named the dish after the peppers?

creative kerfuffle said...

peppers? you're supposed to put peppers in it? hmmm.

Trish said...

I think it's because you usually eat it when it's chilly outside.