Wednesday, January 3, 2007

This or that?

Here's a fun little thing. I'm going to write down pairs of random things and you have to choose this or that. I will also share my choices.

1. salt or pepper? pepper
2. sugar or spice? spice
3. hit or miss? hit
4. up or down? up
5. jack or jill? jack
6. black or white? black
7. BJ or the Bear? BJ
8. Cagney or Lacy? whichever one was the brunette--she was sassy
9. hotdogs or hamburgers? hamburger
10. milk or cookies? milk
11. Captain or Tenille? Tenille, cos the Captain was too quiet.
12. peanut butter or jelly? peanut butter
13. bacon or eggs? eggs
14. over the river or through the woods? through the woods
15. yin or yang? yin
16. day or night? night
17. absent or minded? minded
18. hot or cold? cold
19. sand or paper? paper
20. coming or going? coming : )
21. Batman or Robin? Batman
22. Laverne or Shirley? Laverne cos she had that cool L on her shirt and she was sassy.
23. Spongbob or Patrick? Patrick
24. Barnes or Noble? Noble
25. Butch Cassidy or The Sundance Kid? tough one--I'll go with the Kid
26. David or Goliath? David
27. Hansel or Gretel? Gretel
28. apples or oranges? apples
29. bells or whistles? bells
30. smoke or mirrors? mirrors

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