Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fun sites

I was just cleaning out my email and found these fun sites to test your US geography.

Place the states--a little hard if they start you off with the square ones but it gets easier.

Name the states--this one is timed and is sort of easy, but fun.

If you like music (if you don't please don't tell me) try this

Yesterday the Girl turned 10. I can't believe it. Cheesy, but it seems like yesterday she was just born and now the Hubs said it's half way done--in 10 years (less) she'll be out of the house. I then freaked him out by saying in 10 years he won't have the influence on her that he has now, that at some point in her life there will be another man that she looks up to and listens to more than him. He of course says this will never happen. It is going to be a sad day when he realizes it will.

She has of course milked this week since her birthday fell in the middle of a work/school week. Yesterday I took her lunch and ate with her at school (interesting to watch elementary students in their own environment) and she passed out cupcakes. Last night the four of us ate out; tomorrow she's having her best friend sleep over and we're either going to the movies or renting a movie. She's also decided the girls (which includes me) are sleeping in the den on the couches. Saturday we're having the family over for dinner to celebrate. Whew! We got her the CSI fingerprint kit for her birthday. It's pretty cool actually but I'm sure doesn't work like the real thing. I'm sure tomorrow night we'll be fingerprinting each other, drawing crime scenes and the like.

I think I may like Van Morrison and didn't realize it. There are several songs I like, Crazy Love (which also was in an episode of West Wing), Brown Eyed Girl and Brandy, and I just realize they're all his. Interesting.

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