Monday, October 2, 2006


Thursday when we got home there was a message from the dermatologist office the Hubby had been to a few weeks ago. He'd gone in to have a suspicious mole removed and the doctor told him on first sight it was skin cancer but he'd have to verify that with tests.

So we swallowed that bit of fun. Skin cancer. Not as serious as other things but still it was cancer. The Hubby was to have a follow up visit last week, which we had to reschedule for this week.

Thursday's voicemail was from the nurse who said it's important for you to speak with the doctor. Like that doesn't make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Friday morning we called and were told the nurse was out until Monday. We drove to the office. It's closed until Monday. The Hubby made a few more calls to no avail. We had to suffer all weekend wondering WTF was going on.

As much as you don't like to think the worst I did (and I'm sure he did too though we both tried to play it off like it was no big deal.) It's a horrible thing knowing where your creative mind will wander when faced with such a wait.

This morning the Hubby talked to the nurse--who is now and will always be on my shit list. She said they noticed he didn't make his appointment last week; uh, yeah did you also notice I rescheduled the damn thing? No, no I didn't see that. Well the results came back and it is skin cancer. Uh yeah, that's what he told me when he sliced the thing off. Oh, well, we just wanted to tell you the lab results and to make sure you come back in because now that you've had skin cancer once you're more likely to get it again and we need to stay on top of these things. Uh, yeah tell me something I don't know beeotch. So are you telling me there's nothing else? Yes, that's right. Ok, well next time do not call me on a Thursday and leave a message that it's important if you know you won't be back in the office until Monday. Oh, I'm sorry I didn't think about that. STUPID CUNT! Ok, I'm sorry for that but damn! You don't have cancer in someone's file and leave a message like that.

I feel like calling that nurse and leaving her a message--hey, you're blood work came back. You're pregnant, it's not your husband's, you have herpes, genital warts and diabetes. Oh yeah, you have cancer too and about 3 months left to live. IDIOT!

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Anonymous said...

It's good news that there wasn't anything more to worry about. It's too bad that revenge would get ya in trouble. I especially like the idea of the genital warts, but why don't you make it anal warts and have your hub. call the nurse at home:

"I'm sorry, I know you told me never to call you here, but I think I need to tell you that you probably got something from me when we got together the other day. I don't want you to worry about the blood or're not gonna die. Damn, I wish I'd used a condom, but I thought that hole'd be safe."