Wednesday, October 4, 2006

The first time I...

...heard Drops of Jupiter by Train was about 3 years ago over a restaurant PA system. drunk and threw up I was 5-6 years old. My parents thought it would be ok to give me beer.

...experienced death I was about 8 years old and my great grandmother died in her sleep at my grandma's house.

...remember writing poetry was in the third grade. It went something like this:

Rain makes the world seem dull and gray,
but listen to what the flowers say.
Tomorrow when the sun is full and bright
the rain will have kept us fresh
and full of color and light.
Sun, the soil, fresh air and rain
make children and flowers bloom again.

...realized I wanted to have a job that involved writing was in junior high. I would make up products and write ad copy for them.

...met my husband I was a smart ass toward him. (I know, imagine that!)

...French kissed a boy I was 14.

...saw Rod Stewart in concert I was in college, it was his Out of Order tour in 1989 I think.

...had an overnight hospital stay was when I had my gall bladder taken out about 10 years ago.

...saw people smoking weed I was in high school at a Monsters of Rock concert. hate mail at work over an editorial was today.


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely my favorite kind of writing...where a theme seems to be set in which funny, life observations are recorded in what seems to be a random, stream-of-conscience kinda way so that the reader's guard is down when you hit them with what you're writing about.

Hate mail and nastiness is bad, true, but "they" can't make you wrong or untalented, babycakes.


Anonymous said...

sounds like we need to have a smack down.

creative kerfuffle said...

TL, I think for the most part that's how my brain works. You going along all sunshine and roses then whack, you get hit by a 2x4. Thank's for your support! I have climbed out of my depression over the whole ordeal and I will prevail!

GG--a smack down would be awesome. I will take my revenge by being the best I can be and letting the letter writer's stupidity speak for itself.