Monday, October 23, 2006

Climb every mountain; getting manis and swimming with sharks

Climb every mountain
It was Boys and Girls weekend at our house. The Boys went on their first Cub Scout camping trip. I don't know who was more excited, the Hubby (who's been roped in to being a leader, complete with the uniform and all!) or the Boy who has already earned his first badge!

They left Sat. morning and I was concerned because it's getting down around 35 degrees here at night now and they were going to the mountains. I called them at 2ish and the Hubby sounded winded and about to keel over. (He later admitted he was afraid of having a heart attack on the mountain and that he would have had to been hauled off.)

Him: Huff, puff, we're climbing a mountain. I'll call you later.

Never heard from him again. I was a bit worried but he'd warned me they might not have cell phone coverage in BFE.

They got home Sunday before noon and they'd had a great time. Apparently their hike was on a huge mountain (see picture of the area but not necessarily the mountain they climbed) with a tiny trail that sometimes had ropes to help you climb. A bit much for 6 year olds I think. One kid broke his arm. It was cold at night but they managed. The Boy said his favorite part was throwing sticks in the fire.

Getting manis
While they did BOY stuff the Girl and I got a manicure. A first for both of us. Having never done such a thing I just picked a place on a whim. There were two women and one man working there. They were not overly friendly, but then I don't know that they spoke much English. I was getting concerned while we were waiting. The guy manicurist switched the TV to football and proceeded to watch it while he was doing someone else's nails. When a customer was paying for her services she asked why her daughter didn't get such and such treatment with her manicure and the response was we do it if we have time. She asked, but you charge the same regardless? Yes. I was thinking of walking out when we got called to our tables. We got them done, it was fun and though I won't go back to that place again I will do it again. I won't, however, let me talk them into getting my eyebrows waxed because that was a bitch, it doesn't look all that different, my brows are still tender and my face felt greasy all day.

After the manis we shopped some, rented a movie and I got Starbucks. We had a good day and stayed up late watching TV in my bed. It was nice to have the Girl to myself for a day, even if I did get the random questions about periods and hormones.

Swimming with Sharks
So the hate mail I received a few weeks ago has turned into an issue at work. It has been incredibly difficult for me and my confidence has been cut to the quick to put it mildly. I went from a job where I pretty much felt I could do no wrong and that people adored me (seriously, I was good at what I did) sort of like being a medium sized fish in a big pond to a job where everyone is second guessing me, criticizing me, questioning my judgement and attacking me like a big fish in a little pond swimming with sharks. I have uncovered a mafia in my new industry and apparently I have pissed them off. I do not thrive in this type of environment. Sadly I've let it bring me down and in fact for the last two weeks I've been paralyzed to do much of anything, make any decisions, write anything etc.

Today I am making a decision to say fuck it and do what I know I'm good at, stand up to the man and show them what I'm made of and if I get fired I get fired. I can find another job. I am woman, hear me ROAR!

Non sequitur
Ok, not that I'm a Satan worshipper or anything, but have you noticed you don't see many Halloween decorations that are devil-related these days? What's up with that?

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