Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Two fer Tuesday

Wow aren't you lucky, getting two, that's two blogs for the price of one. I've taken some cough medicine, the kids are in bed and the Hubby had to go put out a fire.

Remember Bubba Ass? You know, the brother-in-law from Hell that even the Devil would say WTF and kick out? Well the Hubby was talking to his sister the other day and she was complaining about him. I just CAN'T imagine why. Apparently Bubba Ass has decided that although she's 40+ years old and has been cooking for her family for about 30 years she doesn't know how to scramble eggs. She also does not know how to slice a tomato. He's decided he doesn't like her hair cut either.

The Hubby had a few suggestions--stop cooking for him and tell him to shut the fuck up. : ) Because we like Bubba Ass SO much.

She then proceeded to tell him they have separate checking accounts, which I hear is how some couples handle their money. But, they split all their bills 50/50. She's working two blue collar jobs and he's a truck driver (who's loaded according to her). House payment--she pays half. Electricity, she pays half. Obviously if he makes more than her she's busting her ass to pay half of everything while he has money left over at the end of the month.

A few months ago the idiot thought he had cancer (ok, I'm going to hell for sure because I was a tad disappointed to find out he didn't) so he went out and bought a new truck to the tune of a $600 a month payment they couldn't afford.

Bubba Ass is loathsome, ignorant, slimy, boisterous, cocky and stupid, but I have to say my sister in law isn't the world's smartest person if she's sticking with him. Why can't people see when the person they're with is totally wrong for them (or anyone for that matter)?

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