Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday Night Special

1. Although I'm incredibly witty (ok, no comments from the pnut gallery) I cannot write catchy headlines or blog titles.

2. Why does Michael Eisner have a talk show? I don't get that. There are three people in the media who really do interviews well: Charlie Rose, James Lipton and the grand dame, Babba Wawa. If I didn't have to be on camera to do it I'd love either one of their jobs.

3. People's book shelves are very revealing I think. Our computer is sitting on a built in desk/book shelf system.
Here are the contents:

Top shelf--my mostly hardback collection of Stephen King books, arranged in the order they were written. These share a shelf with Bibles and religious books from when the Hubby was a lay leader in our church a few years ago. Yes, I put them there on purpose and understand the irony.

Next shelf--We start with some Anne Rice (including a pre-press uncorrected proof of Memnoch the Devil), Mario Puzo and Gone With the Wind; then on to the coffee table sized books of Degas, Impressionism, Nuremberg; next come a plethora of quote books then into the Hubby's books--World Almanac's, antiques, biographies and Ann Coulter (I figure this will get a rise out of some of you!).

We then split to my side/his side. My side we've got all the penguin/Antarctica books; Kate Hepburn's bio, poetry and quote books. His side features all the Richard Bach books (which I too love) and more biographies and some Star Trek books. My side ends up with a huge book I totally love, The Art Book, along side a Thesaurus and Dictionary. What's on your shelves?

4. Can you believe people actually hire interior decorators to "design" their book shelves? What the hell is up with that?

5. Adam Sandler really is a good actor and comedian. To look as dorky as he does, I think he's hot.

6. I've been sick the last couple of days and I realize the older I get the more inconvenient and debilitating (ok that might be a slight exaggeration) being sick is.

7. How does your house get dusty when you don't have any windows open? Where does dust come from?

8. Who else read the Flowers in the Attic series by V.C. Andrews when they were teens? I think I read them all, they were quite disturbing. The brother and sister ended up together--WTF?

9. There is a difference between a bison and a buffalo and a dolphin and a porpoise. I never knew that.

10. I was emailing a friend of mine about my slight discontent with the new job. She said she didn't know many people who actually liked their jobs. Do you think this is true? For the most part I do like my job, I just don't like EVERYTHING about it. Then again, I don't know what I'd do instead. Not much call for coloring book publishers in this neck of the woods. (FYI, I did a spell check on this before I published it and in #10 the spell checker wanted to change emailing to unwilling. Interesting.)


Anonymous said...

3. Ann Coulter is psycho. I can't believe the Hubby would subscribe to that crap, unless it's just for the amusement factor. Please let that be it!

4. I can't believe people buy whole rooms of furniture and accessories from Rooms to Go, either. Where's the creativity? Where's the fun?

6. Being sick sucks.

7. I wonder the same thing. For some odd reason, I think the house is less dusty if there is a window open Makes no sense to me. And I can't really open my windows.

8. I read Flowers in the Attic, but none of the others.

10. I don't know many people who love their jobs. I think ther's always something about the company or the people or the clients who screw up what could be a pleasant atmosphere.


Anonymous said...

i actually am some what known for my headline writing ability, if you ever need aid . . .
ditto on the ann coulter. she really is insane.
dust is really particles of skin.
and yeah i read all the flowers in the attic book.