Thursday, August 10, 2006

Top 10 List of Things I Want to Share

1. We have reached the crossroads of childhood. The Girl is no longer a “little kid” and is now a tween. Back-to-school clothes shopping was an adventure. I can no longer pick her outfits without her input. This year she has slowly started migrating from the all pink wardrobe to other colors, including brown. She also got a pair of camo pants (though they’re pink camo). She decided to venture into jeans (has always avoided them) and she likes the t-shirts with the smart ass sayings on them.

2. The Boy has wanted a pink shirt all summer; we finally found one but it’s a girls’ polo. We bought it, you can’t tell it’s a girls’ shirt and he looks damn cute in it. He also chose a black button up shirt with flames all over it. We’re still searching for socks. He’s the only kid I know that has to try on socks—too itchy, too thick, too uncomfortable.

3. I took the kids clothes shopping on my own because the Hubby was waiting on the guy to set the grandfather clock we just bought (it’s really pretty) and because this particular task is no fun for him and no fun for me when he’s critiquing everything the Girl tries on. Anyhoo—we’re in the dressing room, me, the Boy and the Girl. She’s admiring herself in the mirror trying on dresses and he’s just standing there.

Me: Ok, take off your shorts and try on these jeans.
Boy: Oh tartar sauce, I forgot to put on underwear this morning. (Yeah, BIG surprise there!)
Me: Well, you still need to try these jeans on.
Boy: But Daddy told me not to wear zip up pants without underwear.
Me: Yeah, I can see where that would be a bad thing but I still need you to try these on.
Boy: Ok, but I hope I don’t hurt my privates.
So after 15 minutes of him cupping himself to prevent any damage to the naughty bits while wiggling into a pair of jeans he got them on and they fit.

4. With all the chaos going on at his job the Hubby has become obsessive about house keeping. To his credit he really is better at cooking and cleaning than I am; I am better at yard work. His fear, which has a lot of merit, is that I will turn into my mother. This is my fear on many levels too, but this particular fear is based on the fact that my parents are pigs. This was not the way when I was growing up, but in the last 5-10 years they have apparently forgotten how to pick up after themselves, ride a lawn mower and wash dishes. There are piles of things everywhere. So we’ve had a pretty spotless house for a few weeks now. I like it, but sometimes you just want to come home after work and say screw it, I’m not washing a load of clothes and I’ll put the dishes in the sink in the dishwasher tomorrow.

5. I am beginning to question my desire for my job. I like it in theory. I like the writing, I like the material, etc. but being a manager and dealing with office politics etc. has never been something I’m even remotely interested in. Plus I don’t have as much free time at work any more and that sucks.

6. My old boss, the one who told me when I got this job that I should color my hair and get some new clothes, passed me in the hall the other day and told me I should think about joining her in the work Weight Watchers meetings. I realize I could stand to lose weight, and oddly enough I think I have lately because my clothes fit differently but I don’t really use scales, and I do not think she was trying to be mean, but DAMN!

7. Here’s a fun way to test your geography skills.

8. Hypothetically speaking my life is half over. I will be 38 in 18 days. Women in my family tend to live into their late 70s, early 80s. This is a sobering thought. I have so much left to do.

9. Does anyone other than me like or remember the group Outfield? Josie’s on a vacation far away, come around we’ll talk it over. I just want to use your love tonight.

10. My kids favorite songs right now are from my Awesome 80s CDs—Love Shack, Straight Up (Paula Abdul), Another One Bites the Dust and Maniac (from Flashdance). They know most of the words. I’m so proud. ; )


Anonymous said...

Did Josie ever come back from that vacation . . .

creative kerfuffle said...

I don't think Josie did. I think Josie knew he was going to hook up while she was gone so she got a job in Maui and fell in love with the owner of the local surf shop.

Anonymous said...

teehee! Well he didn't have many friends he could talk to, so what do you expect?

creative kerfuffle said...

Yeah, and no one was around when he was in trouble. He just wants to use her love tonight. Something in his mind's not making sense.