Wednesday, August 10, 2011

what the hell is happening?

riots and fires and vandalism in london

for the first time in history the country's credit rating has been downgraded

three FUGITIVE siblings were caught in colorado after committing crimes in fl and ga

comprehending the debt the country is in is impossible

stephen hawking outlined exactly how the big bang created the universe and said that meant there was no need to say a god did it therefore there is no god

sadly i have gone against my nature and, out of boredom, i read the news more often now. why? there is nothing positive in the news. the world is falling apart. seriously. falling apart. and? i read an article yesterday that basically said the japanese government didn't properly evacuate people after the reactor meltdown because they didn't know where to send them because the people who were supposed to be able to figure out the technical data about where that shit was blowing didn't know how to read the data. REALLY?


Anonymous said...

I know it's considered intelligent to keep up to date with current affairs,but honestly,I'm prone to depressive (is that a word?) thoughts,things that I make up all by myself,so reading all of these horrible things in the newspaper or seeing them on the news,just makes me even worse.I think I should pretend to just live under a rock.If the world's gonna end,it's gonna end.I don't want to know beforehand :(

Unknown said...

I have a friend who gives me all kinds of grief for not being current on current affairs but it all overwhelms and depresses me.

Me and my head like to stay firmly in the sand.

Anonymous said...

The only news I get is The Daily Show. And a little bit of NPR. And I'll click a link here and there... but usually I stay far far away from it. No good comes from knowing how effed up we all are...


Surely said...

Kevin & I were just talking about that too! Keep in mind that the negative gains more attention than the positive.

Watch the morning news versus the evening news. (I like Good Morning America) They do a good job of reporting the horrible & the frivolous. Makes you not so stabby & despondent by the end.

Maybe that's the new $1,000,000 idea: a good news only website.