Sunday, August 28, 2011

i didn't feel old until...

....i watched the vmas tonight. today's my birthday. it has been a wonderful day--hubs and kids made breakfast (kids even picked out turkey bacon (nasty) because a few days ago i said we needed to get back on a healthy eating track); i got some kick ass presents (some of which you can see above); hubs grilled steaks; we shared a bottle of wine. perfect day.

then we watched the vmas. i didn't recognize many of the names. i shook my head at most of the performances, even lady g. i saw a commercial for...i can barely say it...a remake of footloose. what the hell is the world coming to? people accepting awards w/ the baggy pants and underwear showing. people dressed up w/ stuffed animals as accessories. i am old.

i have to admit a secret though...i have a bizarre crush on russell brand.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Lady!!

I can see that crush. Netflix Forgetting Sarah Marshall, watch the uncut version.
He won me over in that one.

cheatymoon said...

Russell Brand is very charming. Google his Conan appearance from this spring. Sweet and smart.

I watched a little of the beginning of the VMAs and felt the same as you. I am old. I am embarrassed to tell you my reactions to most of the red carpet. Ack.

Happy Birthday!! xoxo