Thursday, August 25, 2011

oy to the vey

i am beginning to worry about my son. dude does not fucking listen to anything. he is not a bad kid. he's not mean or hateful. he's very respectful, creative, intelligent, caring, loving. but, oh, my, gawd he doesn't listen. he has no focus.

i can tell him something right to his face. three times. and it's like the words i am saying are going in one ear, and he hears me talking, but he cannot comprehend what i am saying.

for example--tonight he asked me, hey mom, do you know a jane doe? me, no, why. him, jane doe sent me a friend request on fb. is she a friend of yours? me, no, i don't know a jane doe. him, so are you friends w/ her? is she on your fb page? do i know her? me, SON, i do not know anyone named jane doe. him, didn't you used to work with someone named jane doe? SON!!!! i do not know anyone named jane doe!!! him, ok, ok, you don't need to yell. so, should i accept her friend request? hole.e.hell.



Surely said...

that's one smart boy you have there!


I will start saving bail money for you now.

Anonymous said...

Testosterone poisoning. Sorry about that.

Unknown said...

I bet he's 11ish.

It's when the boy brain completely shuts down.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I would lose my mind. That's one of the many reasons don't have kids!

Sweet T