Monday, June 6, 2011


how about some eye candy? ok ok, in the truest sense of the word i suppose the following will not make the list of the top hawties or sexiest men, but i find them yummy. hmmm...i wonder what this says about me that i find these people attractive? LOL who's your unconventional crush?

vincent d'onofrio. mystic pizza. MIB. and of course svu. i think i actually fell for him because of svu. the way his character's brain works blows my mind. even all grizzly like this i think he's attractive.

ah..jean luc picard...i mean patrick stewart. he's a slight man, but the accent, the commanding, the bald head. nice. make it so indeed. (and for the record is is a kabillion times better than kirk.)

ah jack. he's teddy-bear cute. and we share a birthday. and he's funny as hell. and seems to be good with kids (hell, he's always hosting something on nickelodeon).

sofia vergara. modern family is one of my fave shows; i love all of the characters. but frankly, if i swung this way...omg. she is my girl crush. i wish i had her body.

frederick weller. marshall plain sight. again, i love the way his character's brain works. he's geeky but smart and funny. that equals attractive.

oddly enough the one with the best body is the one i'm most embarrassed about. john cena. yes...of the wrestling ring. my son watches wrestling. it's worse than reality tv in my book. this boy has an amazing body. do you SEE those abs?


Surely said...

Craig Ferguson, Brian Williams, Jimmy Fallon, Beckham, Josh Duhamel, and Georges St Pierre. (google him...he'd tie Cena in a knot :-D )


Anonymous said...

Ok,here goes my list of 'unconventionals' that I have crushes on:

1.James Spader (from Boston Legal) - his character is awesome,and I can remember some really sexy movies he's made,so yeah,he's definitely on the list.

2.Robert de Niro - I've always had a thing for him,even though he isn't what you would call a 'Beaut'.

3.Johnny Knoxville - he's basically cross-eyed,and I can only imagine what he's done to his body over the years,but I find him really,really adorable.

4.Chad Kreuger from Nickelback - That voice.That's all I need to say about that.

Ok,I also have some pretty boys I love,and they are as follows:

1.Garrett Hedlund - I don't think I need to explain this one - he is sex on legs,and has a voice that can make my legs turn to jelly.

2.Dwayne Johnson aka 'The Rock' - no shame in loving a bit of man meat - even my mom thinks The Rock is hot,hot,hot and she's 69! (PS.I wouldn't date him,but I'm with you on the whole John Cena thing - he has a body to die for)

3.Jon Bon Jovi - he has always been a favorite,and has really only gotten better with age.I don't drink wine,but I would liken him to a fine wine.

Unknown said...

sweet cheeses --- even our unconventional crushes are the same.

To add:

Vince Vaughn (tall, funny)
John Cusack (tall, deep)
Jim Parsons (tall, geeky)
John Goodman (teddy bear)

Vicci Martinez (She'll be winning The Voice and I LUV HUH)

Anonymous said...

All of my celebrity crushes are unconventional... I love John Slattery from Mad Men. Also Brian Williams (like your commenter above). Also Alan Rickman (Snape), Gary Oldman (Sirius Black)- loved them both before HP.

I am with you on Jon Luc Picard. And that chick on Modern Family - yes please, hahaha. I love her accent.