Saturday, June 18, 2011

quiet in the house

at least for a little while. everyone is still in bed. this is another thing i miss about being home. quiet time in the house. when i was home alone i never turned on the tv (except that one time i watched precious because i knew nobody else here would want to or should watch it).

last weekend we went to a karate camp for the boy in another city, about an hour and a half away. before going back to work it was just going to be the guys going, so we wouldn't have the expense of boarding the dogs. but, since i went back to work and got my first paycheck last week, we all went.

i have never thought of myself as a hotel/restaurant snob...but i think as i get older and wiser about how i spend my money, i expect certain things for a certain amount of money. we stayed at an embassy suites. the hubs and i had stayed at one once before, for one night for a wedding party. you don't get a feel for a hotel after one night, especially when you are partying. based on this weekend, i'd never stay at another embassy suites. the room is clean and nice enough, comfy bed. but...the lounge/bar/bistro food sucks. they do not have free wi-fi, and really, i'm not paying $10 a day for wi-fi. they did have a nice complementary breakfast, but it seemed like afterwards, their floor was sticky all damn day. only two elevators and one or the other was broken the whole time. it was an inconvenient far as getting in and out w/ your luggage or parking etc. blah. but, the weekend itself was good. the boy enjoyed all karate all the time (although his instructor is really bad at organizing stuff like this and we probably won't do it again). the girl and i went shopping and she fell in love with the container store. it was good to get away for the weekend.

THIS weekend, i lucked out. my friend texas was to have a work meeting this coming week and it was up in the air about where it would be. in the city we just spent the weekend in or another further north.'s in the city near me! sooo.....she is flying here tomorrow and the hubs is driving her to her meeting city on monday (on his way to an out of town work trip). twice in one year i get to see her! how amazing is that?

my mom came to the boy's graduation tuesday and wednesday they left to go back to wv, taking two of my sister's kids. my parents are not on a schedule....they could have spent the rest of this week here...maybe doing something with their other four grandkids since school is out. maybe waiting until after my niece puddin' had oral surgery on friday. nope...they hit the road. my sister's kids will be up there with them until after july 4th. they will celebrate my oldest niece's bday there (my sister may or may not go up for it). my mom and sister apparently do not think there is any reason we can't or shouldn't go to an out-of-town birthday (5 hrs away). i'm sure she wouldn't see it this way, but to me it is glaringly obvious that my mom will no make an effort to be a grandma HERE, but she will fall all over herself to do it in wv where she has the audience of her sisters.

honestly i don't even get mad or care anymore...but it just confounds me. i will never understand what makes her do the things she does.


Unknown said...

Ugh. I'm just shaking my head at that. I feel for you lady.

I hate getting all checked in somewhere only to find it less than kosher. I'm pretty loyal to Hampton Inn myself.

Enjoy the peace, while you have it.

Ps...hell no I wouldn't drive that far for a kid birthday party. Hell no.

Anonymous said...

Other half swears by Hilton Garden Inn when he travels (a lot lately).

My parents confound me as well.

My kid is going to NC for July 4th - near New Bern.

Hotch Potchery said...

I think you got a dud hotel. I love Embassy Suites. I really love 2 hours of free beer though so I might be biased.

Hampton Inn is our next choice.

Pseudo said...

My mom is 84 and still has more piss and vinegar in her than an entire class of my middle school students. She has managed to get both my older sister and my niece to not speak to her in six months.....

The mayor said...

I'm just going to warn you. My father in law had a lot of quirks (that's putting it kindly) that we all suffered with.
He was particularly mean to one of my brother in laws.
And guess what? Now my brother in law who used to take the brunt of it is turning into a crotchety old fella himself.
I like to remind him of that.