Monday, June 14, 2010

this is my pipe dream

have a toke why don't you---this is my pipe dream for the summer.

sometime this week or next week i will get the call for the interview for the non-profit place i want to work. i will have a great interview and the next day they will offer me the job at a great salary. not outrageous of course (cos i'm not greedy even in my pipe dream) but the salary is comparable to what i was making. they would like me to start in two weeks. perfect.

after a celebratory dinner the hubs and i decide what to do w/ the money from the cashed in 401k since we don't have to actually live on it any more. part of it will go towards a disney vacation during one of the two weeks before i start work. an awesome vacation that the kids will remember forever.

the week we aren't vacationing the kids and i will paint the kitchen and get things in order. we might take a road trip or something.

part of me worries that i've let this pipe dream out of my brain because you know how the universe likes to fuck w/ stuff like that. put something good out there (or something bad) and the universe laughs and mocks you and does the complete opposite of what you want. but, i have hope. and faith. and yes only...i too think faith and hope go together : )


Kristin.... said...

Whoa hey! New header!!! Love it.

It's good to have dreams (hello, my beach vacation). You have to have something to hold onto.

cheatymoon said...

Like your new header. Have you made the list of the new job? Other half did that (he was unemployed for the back half of 2008). He actually got what he asked for. (Actually he got a job that I knew he'd get, but I'm weird that way...)
Oh, and it turned out that my student said Hope and Faith are sisters, which is just wicked cute.

drollgirl said...

girl, three cheers for pipe dreams! i have them all the time. i love them. i trot off to fantasy camp all the time. not that your hope here is fantasy! i am hoping all of this happens. that would be WILD and FAB!

with regards to true blood, it is the eric show, all the way. sam is pretty cute. and bill? not so cute in my opinion. and sookie? i'd like to shoot her in the face. THAT NAME. GOD, SHE IS ANNOYING! not just the name. ugh. she bugs. but enough of my rant.

cheers to those dreams coming true. :)

Pseudo said...

hope and faith... and believe. i hope your pipe dream becomes reality. it sounds perfect.

Hotch Potchery said...

Here's to pipe dreams! Sounds like a great plan.

Surely said...

Sending you good joo-joo!!!!

Love the new blog layout and OMG I just noticed the huge stargazer lilly picture!


Penny said...

I hope it works out, because I want at least someone I know to get their damn dream job!