Sunday, June 6, 2010

elvis has left the building

elvis (aka my cousin) has come and gone. i'm calling him elvis because he sort of reminds me of a younger elvis although he also looks a lot like our grandpa when he was younger. anyway, he's come and gone.

he called the hubs' cell phone (initially the only number he had) no less than 30 times since friday. the hubs looked at his incoming calls, 2:31, 2:35, 3:21, etc. crazy.

here's a quick run down of this guy. he spent about a month in the navy probably a decade ago and somehow managed to get out and get disability because of asthma. yeah i don't understand at all. when he lived here i'm not really sure what, if any job he had. he bounced around. when my aunt & uncle got fed up and kicked him out he lived w/ my gma. he stole money from her. and it wasn't like he lifted a 20 out of her purse. he forged and cashed checks or used her atm or something. he stole money. he had dui and traffic violations and was taking (i don't know about dealing) drugs. he went to jail for awhile.

when he got out my aunt & uncle basically told him he was on his own. they weren't supporting him anymore, he couldn't live there and he couldn't stay w/ my gma. so he joined the carnival. he operated rides. he did that for awhile, maybe a couple of years. at some point he ended up in virginia, where they used to live, hooked up w/ a woman (one among many from what he says) and there was a baby. my aunt still swears it's not his, though he claims it is. something happened there and he ended up going to culinary school (paid for by my aunt & uncle) in california. when he graduated he moved to michigan for a woman, who we've just found out is married w/ kids. so that didn't work out and that's why he was on this trek here.

he came here, stayed in a hotel for two days and has now moved to s.c. to stay w/ a friend. the hubs gave him a ride to the bus station saturday. he claims we are his only family now. my aunt & uncle told him he could not move out to az near them (they moved there two months ago). my aunt doesn't think he will ever get his shit together. he is 36.

how do you get to be 36 and still be floundering like that? really? seriously. he's so bitter and angry about everything. nothing, nothing is ever his fault. he takes responsibility for nothing.

we did not invite him to our house. frankly, i wouldn't feel comfortable w/ him here. if he'd steal from our grandma, i'm sure he'd steal from us. plus, i don't think he's ever been to my house and i kind of like the fact that he doesn't know where i live. i certainly don't want him around my kids. the girl rode w/ the hubs to take elvis to the bus station (because she didn't want to hang w/ me and the boy at karate school for three hours) and she said he complains all the time and says fuck all the time. and he kinda creeps my kids out.


Hotch Potchery said...

So glad he is gone, you must be so relieved that you don't even have to pretend to deal with him.

cheatymoon said...

Wow. But not unfamiliar... many of my students' families are like this.

Glad he doesn't know where you live.

Anonymous said...

Hope he gets the picture and stays away from you guys. You don't need that, on top of everything else.

He sounds a lot like my ex. :) You know the one.

Sweet T