Tuesday, June 22, 2010

just a bunch of whining really

i started a post last night and deleted it because really it was just vanilla and complaining and bitchy, but i realize that's all i've got right now so suck it up.

since friday i have had a swollen, itchy eye. i thought it was pink eye, but i went to the dr yesterday and she's thinking cellulitis. sounds like fat eye to me, but really it's a skin infection caused by bacteria. nice. i got a shot and some antibiotics. i hope they kick in soon.

the hubs called me about an hour ago. he is about 150 miles away from home (for work) out in the middle of bfe with car trouble. the trusty gps steered him to some deliverance like car repair shop (i can just envision the mechanic wearing bibbed overalls, having 4 teeth and wearing a dirty john deere baseball cap) where the mechanic told him his air compressor is dead and he's surprised he made it to the shop. nice. so, the hubs is sitting out in the middle of bfe w/ rufus fixing his car. hundreds of dollars. i don't know what happened to the good karma we were putting out in the universe but so far it's not working.

it has been sweltering hot here. so hot that even the pool water feels like a bathtub. so hot that going outside after 10 am is like walking into a freaking oven. it is humid. since the riding lawn mower is still kaput and it has been too hot to use the push mower during the day my yard looks like it too belongs in bfe/deliverance. i'm sure my neighbors are wondering wtf.

there's also a bit of sibling/parent drama going on but really, i don't even have the energy nor desire to talk about it.

i feel stupid bitching because i know I KNOW things could be worse.


Gal Friday said...

Nothing I can say other than I am sorry everything seems to be going wrong for you right now. Life is not fair, is it?
How about a cyber hug(or is it too hot and sticky for that?) and a cold, icy beverage of choice?

Gal Friday said...

Ooohh..just noticed your photos at right(like the whole new look of your blog, BTW)--the one of the robin's egg is frame-worthy. :-)

cheatymoon said...

I've had some terrible eye allergies this year and feel your pain. No infection yet, but eyes swollen shut. It's scary!
hang in there - cold compresses.


Surely said...

wait, what? "air compressor"? The car girl is wondering WTH the "mechanic" is talking about.


I prescribe a bath. Just that ten little minutes might help...oh with the promise of physical harm if either child makes a peep of course...

If I can offer any empathy: I am home with stomach cramps today. Kev is sick too. I really should stop cooking.

Not Your Aunt B said...

Things can always be worse. Sometimes you just need a break, though. Sigh.

Penny said...

I just clicked on here to add a comment and I looked at my sister's comment and it was almost EXACTLY what I wanted to say! Except that I just happen to know everyone in the universe who things are MUCH MUCH better for them all the goddamn time!