Tuesday, June 1, 2010

it was good

we had a four-day weekend. i consider it a holiday when the hubs doesn't work, even though i'm unemployed.

friday we found and bought a car to replace his car that died. he is ecstatic about this car. it is old (99) and we got what i think is a good deal. it is a caddy; an old man car : ) it's dark blue. he loves it. i told him last night that if the car had a voice it would be barry white. lol. it has air conditioning and brakes that work and i'm not worried about the hubs being stranded 200 miles from home now. one crisis averted. we are going to donate his dead car to a charity. it is not technically dead, just, you know, on life support. we talked about taking it to a junk yard and getting some money for it, but the hubs' idea is to donate it for the chance at good karma. we could use some positive karma coming back this way.

the rest of the weekend was sublime. we grilled out, swam in the pool (though it's still a little too chilly for me to fully enjoy), had sex, ran errands, relaxed, had a cookout w/ my bro/sil and the kids, napped and just...were. the best part is that the hubs really did relax and i think he had a good weekend. he doesn't often say, yeah, that was a good weekend, but he totally recognized it and said it this time. awesome.

there is a non-awesome thing though. the boy and his girl friend. omg folks---they are texting that they "LOVE" each other. omfg. the boy texted her asking when they could have their first kiss. omfg! he's TEN. i am all kinds of sideways about this. i don't know how to deal w/ it. the hubs had a heart to heart w/ the boy saturday night. they sat out by the fire pit after our company left and had a man to man. the hubs didn't tell the boy he'd been reading his texts, though we have told the kids we have the option to read them or their emails whenever we want. yes, big brother totally watches over my kids.

the boy is totally opposite from the girl. he holds everything inside. he doesn't share a lot. the girl wears her heart on her sleeve. it seems we have sort of aided and abetted in the boy's leap into this relationship. since he hears the hubs and i say i love you all the time he assumes this is what you do in a relationship (regardless of the fact that you've been "dating" for a month and are 10 yrs old). the girl and her sister came over to swim yesterday. it rained at first so they watched a movie. the boy suggested wrestlemania and the girls picked twilight instead. i had to laugh at that one. anyway, i watched them like a hawk, which i hate myself for, but i was so paranoid they were going to try to kiss or something.

the hubs is handling this much, much better than i am. when i said i thought he'd react differently if it were the girl and not the boy in this situation he said no. we have always said we wanted to be the house that the kids hang out at when they got older. we want to be in the know, we'd rather them be here than somewhere else. but still, sitting there watching my baby frolic in the pool with a little girl (and it's even a little girl i like) knowing that he wants to kiss her just .... ack...i just can't process it. it's too soon. i told him this morning i didn't have my first kiss until i was 14 (which is true). it does not help that the hubs kissed his first girl when he was 5. and he still remembers her name. sheesh.


cheatymoon said...

I'm so glad you had a good weekend... I so wish my house could be the one where everyone hangs out - but it is far too small. I miss out on a lot, although I am on my child like a hawk and Big Brother certainly has access to all electronic transmissions...!
I wish I could give advice on the gf situation.. but sadly, I've got nothing.

Penny said...

My son is only 3 and I already hate the thought of him having a gf, much less talking about LOVE...GAG.

drollgirl said...

10 years old with girlfriend saying i love you!??! hells bells! i was terrified of boys for so long (and am still kind of terrified of most men)! your son is advanced! slow that train down if you can, but i don't know how! yeeeeesh!

broad minded said...

good for you guys.

some girl apparently kissed the spawn the other night at the gym. I was not entirely pleased I must admit.

And 19. I was 19 when I had my first kiss. Feel free to trot that number out.

Just B said...

As the mother of a 9.5 year old girl, I's so with you on the omfg! Not yet. Not yet. Not yet. Denial is good for the soul, right?

12--I was 12...

Your weekend sounded fabulous!

Surely said...

Ugh. Just ugh on the Love thing. Kids are so much more "mature" now, it freaks me out a little.

I was in the sixth grade, I think and it was a girls & boys slumber birthday party (I KNOW, right?)

Glad you had a great weekend!

Not Your Aunt B said...

That just stresses me out. I had my first kiss in kinder too- I didn't even tell my parents- and we dated again in high school briefly (they knew that!). Let's hope it's just about getting the first kiss out of the way and not actual love or puppy love or anything of the sort.