Thursday, June 3, 2010

i'm not a good person

i just found out on fb that one of my cousins is on his way back to this area. he said after a night in a motel he's moving in to the urban ministries.

hmmm. i suppose under other circumstances one would invite this person to stay w/ you until they got back on their feet right?

well--said person is 36 years old, just finished culinary school (which his folks paid for) and is leaving his current location because the girl he moved there for dumped him. said person is also the one who stole money from our grandma. he's been in jail. he worked and traveled w/ a carnival (before going to culinary school). there is a toddler in another state that might be his (he says yes, my aunt says no). this guy is incredibly smart, could have done so much w/ his life.

apparently he is not welcome in az where his parents just moved. they "tough loved" him several years ago and even though they paid for his recent schooling, he was allowed to visit them on a limited time basis. apparently he is not going back to the mother of what he claims as his child.

part of me feels sorry for him---36 years old and going nowhere. part of me is like--dude! wtf!! pull your shit together already!


Just B said...

You are a wise person who is staying out of something that could not end well in the best interest of your own well being and (this is key) the well being of your children and marriage.

Invite him to dinner, wish him well and don't lose a moment of sleep over it!

cheatymoon said...

Sometimes it's tough to draw the line... I totally get it.

Anonymous said...

I would say invite him to meet you out for dinner. One trip over would turn into a phone call for a second etc. I'm just saying.... Guess he needs a blog name too. I can't think of anything nice. :)

Hotch Potchery said...

Yeah, that is a tough one. I probably wouldn't ask him to stay either...shit, I wouldn't even let my own mother stay with me. FOR rent.

Now the irony, we have to live with her for a week this summer.

Pseudo said...

He's 36. He can figure it out.

Not Your Aunt B said...

I agree with pseudonymous high school teacher.