Monday, June 7, 2010

all over the place

*omg--it has been such a glorious day outside. i like this kind of summer day--it is breezy and and low 80s. perfect weather.

*i finished queen bees & wannabees today while waiting on the car to get flushed. yeah, i don't know, something about transmission flushing. anyway, i checked the book out last week and it's about how to help your daughter through the teen years---cliques, boys, etc. OMG. i'm going to buy a copy and highlight the shit out of it. it's a great, great book. if you have kids you need to read this book.

*my kids are spoiled brats. after seeing my sil's ipod touch this weekend they declared that they were each going to save up their allowances to buy one. yeah, right. they assumed we'd say we'd buy them. uh, hells to the no. granted, they have old mp3 players that have issues. they may actually be broken. we did some research on mp3 players. sat/sun there was on an off angst and attitude about mp3 players and what they wanted. we told the kids we would spend x dollars on something, but we were not buying ipod touch and in fact weren't buying ipod anything since we have a subscription to rhapsody, not itunes. there was much gnashing of teeth. they are so ungrateful. i don't remember being that way when i was a kid.

*today i emailed our local crisis control ministry to get info about volunteering this summer. me and the kids. i have got to make them do something to decrease their sense of entitlement.

*the hubs and i had a date night friday night, thanks to the sil/bro who let our kids spend the night : ) we went to dinner, got the appetizer WE like (calamari) instead of cheese sticks, had the first pool sex of the season (he he he) and then relaxed and watched west wing. yeah, we're so predictable. but it was such a good evening.

*i might be veering dangerously close into the job stalker realm. the garden job i really, really want? yeah, i've called them twice since sending in my resume in april. the guy i spoke to has been very, very nice and explained he's further behind than he wanted to be w/ the process. he's been out of town, there was a conference, he was sick, blah blah blah. i just keep waiting.

*i realize that i am not quite as good of a mom as some moms. some of my fb friends and family are getting excited that it's the last week of school and then their kids will be home w/ them. mmmm....yeah, me? not so much. it will be ok for a week or two, but then the kids will be bored and the constant bickering will start. i don't do 24/7 well. i know this from last summer.

*while today is a nice summer day, i love me some air conditioning. i do not understand people who have air conditioning and do not use it. i swear, i'd cut off my cable, eat rice and beans every day and use candles instead of lights rather than turn off the air conditioner in the summer. i have to be comfortable.

*i have recently discovered minute maid's cherry lime ade and it is my new drug. omg. i got my first hit last week, it was on sale for 88 cents! 88 cents! can you believe that? i had no idea what it normally costs. when i popped in the store this weekend i saw that it was normally $2.50ish. what? really? today? on sale for 99 cents! score! it is not too sour, so very refreshing, and just yummy. i think you could add vodka to it and it would be awesome.


cheatymoon said...

not a fan of AC - but when I lived in Charleston - it was essential to life, so I get it.

Your date night cracks me up - I would love to have a pool.

Not a fan of hanging out with kids in summer... just so you know i'm with you on that one.

Pseudo said...

The end of this post made me thirsty.

Also, I saw the author of queen bee's speak at Punahou here a few years back.

Surely said...

I think admitting that you don't enjoy hanging with the kids 24/7 makes you a good person. Better than lying about it & resenting them/everyone.

Putting on the former school admin hat for one second, one suggestion:
Schedule. Even though it's summer, agree on a daily schedule. That will perhaps help a bit.

It's never warm enough here for AC! One more reason to consider WA state. hhahahahha

Gal Friday said...

Cherry Lime-Ade and vodka...sounds good to me!! ;-)(mix some up for your next "date night"--wheee...!)

I don't care for A.C.(won't let the husband get one for the bedroom--I am SO mean), but have to admit there are times when it is HEAVEN to walk into an icy, AC'd place on a sweltering summer day. We can get by without one up here, but where you are I can see it as neccessary in summer, definitely.

I think the "job stalking" shows tenacity and good qualities about wamting to work--that garden place SHOULD hire you!

Not only do I have a kid home all summer, but a husband(he's a teacher)...groan(see, I am worse than you as a mom..and wife!). Besides, my kid barely wants to spend time with me these days.