Wednesday, May 26, 2010

things you probably like that i don't

i totally janked this idea from bea.

i have never been in the know. i have never been a trend setter, style leader or whatever. i'm always the last to know things. i don't always get what other people get.

american idol--i tried to watch it one year and while i liked simon's snarkiness and laughed out loud in the beginning of the season when the real crazies were on display, i generally never have bought into the hype. i don't care. a few of the idols have hailed from my neck of the woods, and yet i still could care less.

24--never watched it.

tofu--omg. i have tried this crap and please, shoot me because it it so nasty.

texting--maybe i'm too old. i just don't get it. the only texting i do is w/ the girl and that isn't that much. it's a phone. call me or send me a damn email. i don't text.

summer--i have several problems w/ summer. first of all, days over 85 degrees make me want to vomit. i don't like heat, i don't like sweating. i think growing up conditions you to look forward to summer (school's out) and then when you grow up and get a job (which i wish i had right now) summer is just another season. nothing to look forward too. hot steering wheels, sweat and heat. blech.

wine--i've tried. i really have. the hubs has a wine collection. not because of the wine but because of the bottles. yeah, i know, it's bizarre. neither of us drink wine. i like to think if someone taught me how to appreciate wines i could, but generally, i just don't like it.

the dancing shows--i have never seen one and i don't want to. what? it's people dancing around. blech. if i want to watch dancing i'll pop in the sound of music or flip over to amc and catch an old movie w/ singing and dancing. that, i like. otherwise, not so much.

ketchup on eggs---that's just nasty.

going barefoot--i know, this is weird. i don't like walking around barefoot. in the house i either wear slippers or flip flops. outside, always shoes. if i'm sitting in some nice grass i do like to take my shoes off and run my feet through the grass, but i don't want to walk around barefoot.

tea in a can or bottle--again, that's just nasty. i make a pitcher of sweet tea just about every other day and i'm the only one in my house that drinks it.

flowery things--odd, since i LOVE growing flowers, picking flowers, getting flowers. but, flower prints make me want to hurl. i don't like flowery bedspreads or curtains or wall paper, clothing or furniture or anything like that. i do like art w/ flowers, but not the rest.

what things do you dislike?


cheatymoon said...

I don't like the dancing with the starz, but I will watch idol for giggles.

24 - Jack Bauer is hot, but I haven't watched in ages...

You know I love the hell out of summer and I don't mind texting at all.

I don't like beer, handbags, home decorating, shopping malls, trendy thing in general, chain restaurants, and most sports. I don't like flowers at all, but that's because of allergies. They are beautiful to look at.

Gal Friday said...

I am pretty much with you on everything, except for the wine and summer..and bare footin'(I am bare foot right now). I LOVE wine. Too much. ;-) And, I live on the ocean in Rhode Island(where wealthy Southerners came and built their majestic summer "cottages")--summer is heavenly here.

I lost interest in Idol this year(daughter, too)--we latched onto "Glee" instead, and don't have any more time for following another show. I was just "meh" about last season's Idol, and my first Idol season was the one three years ago(when D. Cook won--I got a little too into it and that's scary..)

I have never watched "24", but my husband does(or did)--it always sounded way too intense! They NEVER laughed about anything, much as I could tell(from the other room--Monday nights when that show was on was when I read blogs)

I am afraid of tofu, and unless someone has snuck some into a meal without telling me, I haven't dared to try it yet.

I don't text(should I be embarrassed to say I don't even know how?)

Have never watched the dancing shows, either. Well, caught a bit of one of them and it was like watching an SNL skit to me.

Nope--no ketchup on eggs for me(I barely eat eggs, anyway)

Canned or bottled tea is terribly artificial--that's not real tea--I agree.

I get you on the floral stuff--I am more a stripes and polka dot person. (how do you feel about paisley?)

Kristin.... said...

Soul sister!!
I watch AI here and there. Doug loves to watch the crazies in the beginning but after that we're done.
24-watched here and there.
tofu. that's not food.
ok, I text. I live in the woods with no one to talk to. So I text. me migraines but I like a glass out to dinner. I drink Captain Morgan's every day.
Dancing shows annoy the crap out of me
Barefoot~i wear slippers most of the time in the house. I have a gravel driveway and most of it ends up on my kitchen floor. ICK
tea~I like to iced tea in the summer. Never tried sweet tea though!
flowery things~I have two throw pillows that are flowery, but subtle enough. I don't do wallpaper (omfg it's annoying) and I wear solid color shirts daily. My bag is polka dots.

see, separated at birth (and by a year or so)

tulpen said...

I can't stand summer, heat and sweating are not my favorite.

Never seen Lost.

Would be watching American Idol if I didn't work evenings.

I used to love going barefoot, now? notsomuch. There's so much icky stuff underfoot.

Not Your Aunt B said...

With you on american idol, 24, tofu & flowery things. Blech. But, there is a really good local tea company that makes damn good iced tea in a bottle here. It is delish. I would buy it by the gallons if they sold it that way. Mmm...